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It’s a blur

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A moving tribute

A moving tribute

The Winter Olympics are half over and I’m all montaged out. There must be entire television production teams in Sochi completely dedicated to putting pictures to music…sometimes the sappiest music that has ever been penned. These are the montage teams, I guess.

After you’ve seen three or four montages on any single day, you’ve hit the montage threshold. By the way, some sports lend themselves to musical interpretation. Figure skating comes to mind…after all it’s actually performed to music. Curling..not so much. I can’t get weepy and sentimental over a series of curling edits…no matter how masterfully it is done.

The kiss of death for any Olympics is the weather delay. The time difference between major North American television markets and Russia is already working against live coverage…but if weather gets in the way, look out! That’s when you see a kaleidoscope of montages . The montage allows the broadcaster, who has been forced to yak endlessly, to take a breather and go to the bathroom. Gotta fill that air time with something.

On the last day of the Olympics, at some time during the closing ceremony show, we’ll get the Mother of all Montages. This will be a compendium of imagery collected from all the other compendiums. It will be designed to make us feel all warm and fuzzy…although I’ve never been a big fan of the fuzzy.

And then it will be over. For another four years. The editing teams will be off to Rio in 2016 for Summer Olympic montage production. There better be some girls from Ipanema in those montages. Gosh, I wonder what music they’ll use?


A Norwegian Would

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In advance of the upcoming Winter Olympics, I received an email last week from a Norwegian journalist looking to pick my brains about Whistler. How this person got my name I’m not sure..but it doesn’t really matter.

Oh, the irony.

Here I am, after working as a television broadcaster in Vancouver and environs for close to twenty-five years and I’m completely out of the loop (workwise) as the biggest event in the city’s history hits town. Not only that but people from Norway are asking me for tips. I may still be writing television features but this current batch has nothing to do with the Olympic Games.

The Norwegian contact wondered if I might be able to steer him toward Whistler people who would make interesting story subjects.

What could I do? It has been a long while since I attempted to extract some measure of quirky appeal from that neck of the woods. There were a couple of outstanding artists and craftsmen who immediately leapt to mind..(and I gave the Norwegian the info) but neither of those folks lives in Whistler. They sell in Whistler because that’s where the money is..but they live and create their art in more economically equitable climes.

That’s the problem with big money and gentrification….it homogenizes an area. It makes it all very bling but also very bland. There were a lot more interesting characters in Whistler before it became such a ‘world class’ resort…before you had to lay out a zillion bucks to kick back and sip a cup of cocoa. When the so-called world shows up for the Games later this month there will be no mention of the fact that most of the kids who work the ski slopes, the shops and the restaurants  have to sleep six deep, like cord-wood, in the most basic of accommodations just to afford their jobs. Truth be told, some of them don’t really care. They’re there for the skiing and the skiing alone.

When The Frau and I go to Whistler it’s always in the summer…never in the winter. I can’t handle the winter crowds. We can’t afford the winter rates. Even the summer costs, though,  have begun to escalate as the village continues its successful promotion as a year-round resort.

But interesting characters? Sorry Norway, you’re barking up the wrong tree.