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Reviewing the Review

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The good people at WordPress just sent me a year-end synopsis of how this blog did in 2010. You’ll find it below..exactly as it appeared in my email..without benefit (or blemish) of revision. I don’t know if they’re trying to flatter me but ,apparently, I got a ‘ Wow ‘ on the traffic meter…even though, at 25,000 views, this is a but a drop in the blogosphere bucket for some sites. Perhaps, it ain’t bad, though, for a grizzled scribe in a bathrobe.

I’d like to thank the other sites that helped steer people my way. They’re listed below too. And it looks like I need to kiss the hands of at least three women whose profiles also helped channel people (much like a flume in a fish ladder) toward my writing. A lot of people viewed my missive on the marvellous Tracey Bell..or maybe it was just dozens and dozens of the gifted Vancouver mimic’s alter egos who logged on. Who knows? Many people wanted to know about Calgary television News anchor Jocelyn Laidlaw’s new baby and somehow their search brought them here. Still others wanted information on another broadcast buddy of mine, Simi Sara. I now don’t need to ask either of these women if something has happened in their lives because if it has…I see a bump on my blog. You know there was a time when I would have jumped all over that last line.

Thanks for reading. Dave


Questions and Answers

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[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=old+fashioned+microphone&iid=5112053″ src=”2/6/c/4/Old_fashioned_microphone_1bdb.jpg?adImageId=12745741&imageId=5112053″ width=”234″ height=”354″ /]

Joseph Planta, the blogger/interviewer/raconteur  from, called me up the other day to have a chat. He’s a very courteous gentleman who seems to have talked to a lot of people.  There was a little song , a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants, as Chuckles the Clown might say….and a chance to reminisce about some broadcast days gone by.

Take a listen, if you like, at :

Just Like The Ones I Used To Know

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[picapp align=”none” wrap=”false” link=”term=old+christmas&iid=5296635″ src=”e/3/8/f/CloseUp_of_a_8fb8.jpg?adImageId=8291290&imageId=5296635″ width=”484″ height=”353″ /]

I have a confession to make. I’m a sucker for the movie White Christmas. I watched a broadcast of it the other night and then realized that I already owned the movie on dvd. I can watch White Christmas any day of the year..though I wouldn’t.

What is it about that movie that gets to me? My broadcast buddy Simi Sara, I know, feels the same way about It’s A Wonderful Life. Some of you are addicted to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The sound of jazz legend Vince Guaraldi’s piano in  A Charlie Brown Christmas brings an instant lump to my throat. It’s all relative and it’s all very personal.

There are absolutely predictable, unavoidable choke points for me in White Christmas. When the soldiers sing for the General, ‘We’ll Follow the Old Man‘, I lose it. When Danny Kaye sweeps up Vera Ellen for The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing I get a stupid grin on my face.  When the General gets his disappointing letter from the army indicating he’s too old for command, it’s emotional for me. Certainly the ending…when they throw open the barn doors to reveal a suddenly snowy New England countryside, brings on the tears.

I’ve considered this a long time. I don’t think it’s the characters (universally admirable), the storyline (universally hokey), or even the music (universally universal). What triggers my emotions in a movie like White Christmas is the gilded memory of a sweeter time.

They were filming White Christmas the year I was born…1953. I have impossibly romanticized the early Christmases of my life. My mother died when I was fifteen and from that moment on everything changed. The years before her death have taken on a rosy, legendary glow. Life was not perfect but it sure seemed that way, at least to my, then, childish, naive sensibilities . The family was intact. I was shielded from sorrow. The world was right.

That’s what pushes my buttons about a movie like White Christmas. It’s a fond, almost painful reminder of a time none of us truly ever get back, a time that existed merely in a youthful mind’s eye.

My own children have had years like this. They’ve enjoyed the bedrock Christmases upon which many others will be built. When they lose enough, they’ll feel it too.

Wherefore art thou Simi

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Simi Sara

Simi Sara

One of the interesting things about working on a publishing platform like WordPress is that you can get a minute by minute statistical breakdown of how many people are reading what you write and how they may have found you.

That is why I know a lot of you have landed here after putting my extremely good friend Simi Sara’s name into a search engine.

Some of you know that Simi and I were teamed on a Vancouver television morning show for a few years. When that ended she began a new stint on a local talk radio station. She was doing a good job there, although I don’t think initially she thought she was cut out for radio. At least she didn’t have to struggle putting false eyelashes on as I witnessed in the makeup room every morning on tv.

This week her radio station, without warning (because, folks, there is never a warning…read The Devil on Your Shoulder, way back on this blog) flipped its format from all sports. Simi wasn’t even in town when it all went down.

Ours is not to reason why…for tis always a matter of money. The really unsavoury part is that loyal listeners and viewers never get a heads up on these kinds of things. And that is why I’m writing about it here.

Simi shall rise like a mocha phoenix from the ashes, as she has done before. She is an extremely intelligent, attractive and motivated woman. You ain’t gonna keep her down long.

The two of us have been working on getting back together in broadcasting for months. And, I believe, we are close. If and when it happens you will read about it here first. In the meantime, I’ll take the liberty of thanking you for listening, on her behalf.


Breakfast Blogavision

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Dave and Simi

Dave and Simi


Or, if you prefer……



Simi and Dave

Simi and Dave


I had a bite of breakfast this morning with my terrific friend and fellow broadcaster Simi Sara. For those of you not aware, the two of us co-hosted a morning television show in Vancouver for three years.

Then..we didn’t. Please see my earlier post entitled ‘The Devil on Your Shoulder‘ for more engrossing detail.

Simi and I correspond at least once a week and you should know that when we manage a face to face encounter the personal electricity is still palpable.

Simi: How’s your egg?

Dave: Not bad. Yours?

Simi: Good. I like the way it gushes from the middle of the bagel.

Dave: Mmmmph.

Folks, you simply cannot fake that kind of chemistry.

(photo courtesy People Magazine)