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The Frugal Frau…by Proxy

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When I started this blog, almost a year ago, it was my thought to have my devoted and über domestic spouse contribute fascinating household tips in a post entitled The Frugal Frau. This lasted about two weeks. Clearly I thought there was a much larger treasure trove of  head slapping ‘ why didn’t I think of that ‘  material than really existed. No matter.

Last month, while visiting good friends in B.C.’s Okanagan valley, I decided I should cook a meal. It was, afterall, the Frau’s birthday. In the course of mucking around the kitchen and while exploring a foreign cutlery drawer I discovered our hosts had devised a fabulous use for a discarded toilet paper roll. Take a look at this.

Why didn’t I think of that ? This is much cleaner and less prone to entanglement than an elastic band or a twist tie.

Our hosts thought I had pretty much lost my mind when I began capturing images of this seemingly pedestrian application. Oh, you may bask in the magic moments of your children at play or revel in the breathtaking scenery while on your vacation. I take shots of toilet paper rolls. Hey…whatever coils your cord.


The Frugal Frau Sees Red (Then Gets Rid of It)

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How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

Today the Frugal Frau attacks a stain and you should all stand well back. I have seen her tackle a really tough smudge like a crime scene investigator. Frankly, I think that’s why she watches those television shows. Forget about the plot, she’s more concerned with how they’ll clean up that carpet.

It’s a red wine stain we’re solving this week. It’s a stubborn splotch. But the Frau advises that the best way to come clean is to stretch the stained fabric over a sink and dribble boiling water on it from high (a foot or so). The smattering action of the water literally pulses the stain free in a matter of seconds. I have witnessed this with my own eyes. Naturally, you do have to guard against scalding. (Wear dish washing gloves and long sleeve protection.)  Remember, no need to pour a great gush when just a trickle will do.

Be careful / be clean

Be careful / Be clean

Now you may drink and dribble to your heart’s content.

Until we post again, have a blemish-free week and, please : Seid nett zueinander! (Be nice to each other.)

The Frugal Frau Juices her Lemons

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How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

Guten Tag, you penny pinching tapasmeisters!

This week the Frugal Frau is on the juice, lemon juice to be precise. If you are fans of fresh lemon juice, as we are in our kitchen, here’s a way to keep you puckered like Renee Zellweger for a month.

The Frau advises to keep a watchful eye on the section of your produce stand Where Ageing Lemons Lie (one of my favorite Sal Mineo films).

Often, grocers will bag up older lemons that are somewhat past their cosmetic prime. These pieces of fruit, loaded with juice, can be bought at significant savings. The Frau takes those bags of lemons, juices them and pours the acidic nectar into the compartments of a plastic ice cube tray. When the juice freezes the cubes can be popped out, bagged and kept handy for whenever they’re needed. It takes but a few minutes for a frozen cube to melt or you can nuke it in the microwave.


The Frugal Frau has used ice cube trays to freeze everything from individual egg whites to homemade baby food.

Until she posts again remember the maxim of the Frau : Seid nett zueinander! (Be nice to each other.)

The Frugal Frau

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How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

This week’s tip from The Frugal Frau comes from within the mysterious void that separates men from women.

And the subject is panty shields. This is a topic about which men know nothing. Nor should we. Everything a man knows about panty shields he has undoubtedly learned from television commercials. Panty shields are apparently similar to doves in a magic act. You open the box, they fly out and the only way to ground them is to douse them with some sort of fluorescent blue fluid that closely resembles engine coolant.

Here’s the tip. If the regular shield is too long and tends to bunch up (wait a minute!)… simply buy the long version and cut them all in half.  Now you have twice as many. This is a matter of personal comfort, I guess.



By the way, I once had a woman tell me that instead of the commercial product, which she considered to be environmentally unfriendly, she used sterilized moss. Now that’s frugal!  I’m guessing she’s still on her first bale.

(Please consult a doctor before visiting a garden centre. The Frau is not here to dispense health advice.)

Until we post again remember what the Frugal Frau always says : Seid nett zueinander !.  (Be nice to each other.)

The Frugal Frau

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How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

All right, all you spendthrifts out there. I promised you money saving tips from the Frugal Frau and here’s our first weekly installment. I’m giving it to you early in the week so that by the weekend you should have realized substantial savings, not to mention the satisfaction of a job well done.

Understand, that the Frau does not claim to have necessarily invented such techniques but she does practice them ad nauseum. I am a witness.

What do you do with your empty butter wrappers when that pound of butter or margarine is gone?

Don’t tell me you throw them away. Don’t tell me that. The Frau folds each and every wrapper, stacks them in a small, air tight container in the refrigerator and then uses the still buttery coverings to grease casserole dishes, cake pans or muffin tins.

You will find that there is usually just enough butter left on the old wrapper to do the job.

I know, I know…it changed my life too.

Step 1: Save the wrappers

Step 1: Save the wrappers

Step 2: Apply the butter

Step 2: Apply the butter

Until we post again remember what the Frugal Frau always says: ‘Seid nett zueinander!‘ (Be nice to each other.)

Auf Wiedersehen