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Beautiful Bermuda

Beautiful Bermuda

Today, quite by accident, I discovered a webcam with a view of one of my very favourite spots. The lens looks out over the Great Sound of Bermuda from the old British Navy Dockyards.

I sat there for about half an hour and watched as one of those huge cruise ships pulled away from the wharf…flags snapping in the breeze…people lining the rails in the sunshine to get one last good look at this beautiful place. And I sat there and watched it all live on my laptop from thousands of miles away. Technology really is an extraordinary thing!

This webcam also comes with astoundingly good sound….so, in a couple of months, I’m going to be calling it up after dark just so I can hear the lullaby of thousands of little tree frogs that fill the Bermudian night.

This will take me back..back to a time before there was a marriage…certainly before children were even a thought…back to a time when I had a substantial chunk of future before me. I first travelled to Bermuda with the girl I would eventually marry. We were engaged there…and returned many times. It was kind of ‘our’ spot. We made it back for our 25th anniversary. Today is our 31st..and I wish like hell that we were there right now!

Bermuda is a magical place. It is stuck out in the Atlantic….too far south to be truly temperate and yet too far north to be part of the tropics. It’s a hybrid and the nearness of the Gulf Stream gives it a wonderful climate. It is still a good deal British-to-the-bone. If you go out for dinner to a good restaurant, a gentleman should wear a jacket. Some might find that stuffy. I find it admirable.

When my beautiful bride-to-be and I first arrived on the island we did all the kooky, youthful things you would expect of kooky youths. We hopped aboard a moped and spent our days zooming all over the place. (on the opposite side of the road, I might add) We went scuba diving…even though we’d never been scuba diving before. I chased a guy who stole my wallet off the beach. We wound up in the hospital after being rolled in the surf over some jagged coral. In short, we took risks…the kind of risks that responsible married people with children don’t take.  And we had a blast! When we went back to Bermuda 25 years later we took the bus..not the moped. Somehow we had become bus people. Whatever happened to those kooky youths? Boy, I miss them sometimes.

Have you ever stepped off a plane in a place you’ve never been and felt instantly at home? You are suddenly, inexplicably comfortable in totally unfamiliar surroundings. That’s what Bermuda was like for me. I don’t know what that is, but when it happens it leaves an imprint upon your soul.

We all need our places in the sun.


Trouble in Paradise

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Leaving a piece of yourself behind.

Very good friends of ours were forced to abort a vacation recently when one of them suffered a ruptured Achilles tendon just a few days into the trip.

The very thought of this makes me cringe. First you have the injury and resulting pain, then the hassle, then the cost. But, I suppose, it’s a risk that all of us take every time we set foot on a plane. I have become a little gun-shy because The Frau has established her own track record for minor injury on the last few outings. There’s usually some sort of far-flung face plant awaiting her on a cobblestone street when we both least expect it.

The first injury she suffered was on our inaugural excursion to Bermuda many, many years ago. We were scuba diving and the last words out of the instructor’s mouth were, ‘ Whatever you do…don’t touch the fire coral !’. So Angie promptly plopped over the side of the dive boat, descended and literally sat on a clump of fire coral. She said it felt like a thousand razor blades impacting her posterior. She kept gesturing frantically at her bottom and I was a little hard-pressed…thirty feet down amid the bubbles….to understand the message. Later, I applied the necessary unguent and tried (not very successfully) to look on the bright side of her backside.

You sat in..what?

On that same trip, while frolicking in the surf of a deserted beach, I was subsequently washed over a particularly gnarly coral head. This took a surprisingly sizeable chunk of flesh out of my side. I just stood there marvelling at the rapid blood loss. In order to get to a hospital I had to climb a cliff, gushing a bit with each step, and then drive a scooter along a bumpy road..all the time screaming at The Frau, who was sitting on the seat behind me grabbing the very location of the injury. The hospital staff told me (in the nicest possible way) to stop whining.  This was, apparently, nothing. They are used to treating tourists who resemble a plate of tartar from their mopeds meeting numerous immovable objects.

Did this deter us from travel? Did it put Bermuda on the disabled location list? On the contrary, we loved the place so much we went back year after year. Bermuda, it seems, was in our blood…and we both have the scars to prove it.