Christmases yet to Come

Set for tomorrow

Set for tomorrows

This December, after more than thirty years, my wife and I handed over the control of the family Christmas venue. No longer would we have to clean up for, nor after, company. If we chose to deck the halls it would be for nobody but ourselves.

The holiday menu was now in the very capable hands of a different chef. The presents would linger beneath a tree of someone else’s choosing. The stockings took their place alongside a new hearth. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day napping, noshing and nogging would all unfold under a different roof. Talk about passing the torch! It doesn’t get more generational than that.

How did it feel? Liberating? You bet. Lots of pressure came off (not to mention cost!). In some ways it reminded me of those days, now long gone, when the family piled into the car and headed off for my Grandmother’s house…at least for the dinner part.

Before we left for the Christmas Eve feast and sleepover, I did take a moment to stand in our darkened living room where the tree had been for so many years. I stared at the stairway where the kids had descended like lightning bolts once they got the go-ahead. I looked at the chair where Oma (who had survived all the other matriarchs and patriarchs) had sat and opened presents every year. It felt a little odd. But, of course, it is simply the tangible and demonstrable passage of time.

Next year there will be the first grandchild and a new daughter-in-law and fledgling traditions will take root and be nurtured by all who will carry on once I’m gone.

It’s a sweet spot in time. I feel blessed.



4 Responses to “Christmases yet to Come”

  1. Merry Christmas! It was good to see this post show up in my email. I’ve missed reading your stories. I hope you will be blogging more often. All the best to you, your family, and your family to be. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Sandra and Grier Says:

    Welcome back, Manic Tapas. No pressure,Dave.
    Happy New Year to both of you!

  3. I’ve just discovered his blog. What a heartwarming piece of writing! Please sir … I want more! (“MORE?” Dave bellowed). Yeth.

  4. bittersweet…………the passage of time.

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