Bon Voyage


Yesterday’s mail brought my new passport. It took a week.  A week !  I couldn’t quite believe it. I’m pretty sure I was at the passport office longer than a week just waiting for my number to be called.

It’s always a marvellous thing when the system (any system) works the way it should. We have such low expectations now of bureaucracy that anything short of total failure is celebrated. No one is celebrating south of the border at the moment. Our American cousins are in a pickle and you have to feel for them. I keep reading posts from people online who are having their cherished travel plans disrupted because they can’t get access to the National Parks in the United States. People visiting Maui, for example, can no longer drive to the top of Haleakala to view the sunrise. The parks personnel have been furloughed. I guess visitors will have to settle for another day on some beach. There’s a first-world problem, folks.

But kudos to the people who handle Canadian passport applications. I’m good to go (literally) for another ten years.

What kind of traveller will I be by the time I need to have another passport photo taken? It would be wonderful if I was slightly more flexible…..more pliable than, say, a Kaiser porcelain hummingbird figurine. But people rarely loosen up as they age. We get more brittle.

I tend to be selectively clenched. I will agonize over a parking space for a rental car but have become far more forgiving when it comes to holiday wardrobe. One trip, I ended up in Bermuda without a single pair of shorts. My wife…who does all the packing…blamed me because I had not thrown the shorts on the bed with the other items of clothing. Fortunately, Bermuda is the World Retail Capital of Shorts…so I sweat nary a dewy drop.

No shorts? No sweat.

No shorts? No sweat.

Travel clothing selection seems to less stressful as you age. This is why you often see older couples in matching outfits. They’ve given up. They don’t give a damn anymore. I’m with her and she’s with me…and we don’t care who knows it. I like that. So I think we can get the luggage allotment down to just two bags in the future. One for the matching outfits…and the other for the medications.


3 Responses to “Bon Voyage”

  1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh as always Dave!

  2. This summer, I had a new picture taken for the renewal of my Driver’s permit – I look like a zombie – there’s no medication to alleviate this situation – 5 more years until my next picture, I have no illusion that the next picture will be better, yikes! – I’m sure your new passport picture is better than mine, with or without the makeup that I’ve seen you wear on TV – has it stopped with the relentful rain in BC? – maybe you’re getting the snow that your neighbours down south of you had this week? – head for the hills of Maui Dave, Park Ranger or no Park Rangers may mean the beaches only – boo hoo!

  3. gailcarey Says:

    I don’t worry so much about the clothes these days. I’m just grateful if the flight is uneventful. I wish I could drive to my destination but that would take weeks. Now that hubby is retired we’re thinking about purchasing an RV. My passport is good till the end of next year so I guess we’ll be going to Mexico again this winter to our time share in Cozumel. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just do like Jeannie did in the show ‘I Dream of Jeannie’? One blink of the eyes and Bamm, you’re there! It is nice when our government offices are efficient and everything works the way it should. I remember years ago it took about six weeks to get a passport. Passports and drivers liscences…………they sure do remind us how quickly we are aging don’t they? All the more reason to travel while you are able to……..government shut down or not. Hope you have a safe and adventurous trip Dave.

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