Be Afraid…oh, and naked too!


Have you seen the new reality show Naked and Afraid?

Hoo-boy, you gotta tune in to this one folks!  It launched this summer and was, apparently, hugely watched on its channel…especially by men. Really? If the word ‘Naked’ is anywhere in the tv listings…men will find it.

So, Naked and Afraid puts two, self-proclaimed survivalists out in the wilderness (somewhere warm, naturally) and watches them try to get along for three weeks. The best part of the show for me is when they actually first meet….in the buff. They walk down the beach to greet each other. There’s an awkward moment. That’s when I’d be most afraid….of spontaneous laughter from the female, I suppose.

There’s a small camera crew that captures the shots of these two as they struggle with the elements, insects and , most of all,  awkward angles. If there’s an Emmy award for Best Pixillation, this show will win.

I’ve only seen two episodes but in both of those the male competitors basically folded. One, got so sunburned in the first few hours that he could not move. The other guy was apparently afraid of the water. These are what I call selective survivalists.

The women in the shows I saw were completely admirable. They built shelters, fashioned garments, climbed trees for coconuts. One of them built a lobster trap from twigs and caught dinner. Wow! And then the guys, who’d basically been sitting around nursing their boo-boos, accused the women of being too bossy. Hilarious.

I have never been a fan of television comedy that mocks the male.  It’s too damn easy to fall back into the cliche of the dumb guy. That’s a cheap laugh. Naked and Afraid, though, is building a serious case for feminine superiority. Of course, the women are naked. It wasn’t a fair fight from the start.


One Response to “Be Afraid…oh, and naked too!”

  1. oh sure Dave………blame it on the women!! 🙂

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