More golf, less GITH

Silence is golden

Silence is golden

I am one of those watching The Open from Scotland on television this week. I gave up personally participating in golf years ago, even though I had played since the age of twelve. It was too frustrating and I could never achieve any degree of consistency. But as Peter Sellers said in the movie ‘Being There’…I like to watch.

One of the real pleasures of The Open is the more-than-mannered gallery. Knee-jerk yahoos who scream idiotic encouragement after every shot have all but ruined the broadcasting of the sport in North America. I don’t know who the first person was who yelled ‘Get in the hole‘. I’m sure they thought they were being clever. Now, every shot evokes a chorus of ‘Get in the hole‘….even though the player is standing on the tee of a par five with no possible chance of getting anywhere near the cup with the first shot.

It’s stupid. It’s pointless. It’s noise pollution in an environment that was once respectful and mannered.

Doesn’t matter. GET IN THE HOLE!

The other predominant cheer is, ‘You’re the man!’. I don’t watch the LPGA but it wouldn’t surprise me if the yokels are screaming ‘You’re the man’, at the women players too.

Professional golfers, of course, screen out all of this verbal garbage. But in Europe…and certainly, at the home of golf in Scotland this week, I am hearing very few GITH’s. What a gift. What a wonderful respite from the moronic bellowing horde.

GITH should be banned from the game…a game that was once defined by its sense of decorum. There are volunteers at every tournament who stand and hold their hands aloft to signal the crowd to mind its collective mouth. Each of these volunteers should be equipped with a two-iron and empowered to take anyone who screams, ‘Get in the hole‘, out behind a shed and give them a couple of good whacks.

Sometimes you have to get tough to get quiet.


15 Responses to “More golf, less GITH”

  1. Haha, what a great blog entry! I don’t watch golf, but if I did I imagine that I would have a very similar reaction to yours. People constantly confound me with their inane babbling. If you must blurt out something, at least make it something original and stop parroting the same old drivel we’ve heard a million times before. I’m with you though, I’ve always envisioned golf to be a reserved sport where the crowd would silently enjoy the proceedings, politely clapping at a good shot or softly murmuring with admiration at an impressive play.

    I’m glad that I found your blog, because I miss seeing you on The Morning Show. I was incensed at your departure because you were the most interesting and witty of the anchors, and I had a hard time believing it was a leaving of your own accord as was reported. Sigh. And now your special reports have disappeared as well….. in the case of your unwelcome absences, silence is not golden!

    I look forward to reading many more of your blog entries, thank you for your wit and candor!

    • Thanks Vickie. Two years away from my family was long enough. I may do a little more tv before I fully retire. I’ll let you know.

      • I really hope to see you on t.v. again! Your blog is great but there’s something to be said about the dead pan manner in which you present some of your stories, or the exasperated looks when annoyed… not to mention the voice inflections. It’s the difference between reading Woody Allen and hearing/seeing him, in my opinion. 😀

    • gailcarey Says:

      I’m with you Vickie. I don’t watch the morning show on Global anymore. My guess is that the co-anchor had something to do with it. Maybe one day Dave can write a book and tell us all the ugly details.

      • You know, things are never really as ‘ugly’ as people think. It’s certainly not a business for the faint-hearted…and I sure wouldn’t counsel my kids to get into it (and they’re not)…but, to a certain extent, you have to take some personal responsibility for what happens to you in this workaday world. There….that’s my little trip up on the high road. Damn the air is thin up there. Put me back into the gutter.

  2. I find the mute button on the tv very helpful when inane commentators are babbling on too! Enjoy the rest of the Open.

  3. I miss seeing you on tv in vancouver…with simmi.

  4. gailcarey Says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I like your idea about the volunteer having free reign. lol.

  5. Hey Dave, would you mind, please, keep me posted on any TV work as well? – really, this would be something for me to look forward to – I don’t care if I’m number 1 (that would be Angie!) on your list, just as long as I’m on the list, that’s all that matters to me…

  6. Hi David,just heard the new on CTV Vancouver…I’m really hoping that this isn’t a spoiler!..forgive me if it is!!…SO glad to see you back on the coast,it’s long overdue in my opinion.
    My wife and I are eagerly awaiting your debut on CTV..all the best in the transition,or should I say..welcome home!..

    Peace and light,
    David McLeod

    • Thanks David. No…it isn’t a spoiler…but it is almost impossible to keep a lid on these kinds of announcements. This should be fun. I’ll blog about it in a bit.

  7. LOL I completely agree, in fact it is the noise pollution that has kept me from watching any kind of sports on tv…. Thanks for the laugh!

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