dialed down...way down

dialed down…way down

What day is it? I’ve lost track.

Seriously, I’ve been finished with the workaday world for a month now and every new dawn feels like Sunday…or Monday…maybe Thursday.

There is now nothing that compels me to cut the lawn on the weekend because I’m inhabiting one long weekend. I will respond to the natural rhythms of the grass. I am not crushed when the weather pattern turns ugly on a Friday because I have no vested Gregorian interest in the following 48 hours.

I have boxes and boxes of stuff to sort through in this house but I’m accomplishing this herculean task one carton at a time…at my leisure. I have been commissioned to do a painting…and I’m sketching it out..organically, as the spirit moves me.

This is living, folks.

I turn on the radio every morning and hear the traffic reporters talking about the accidents, the stalls, the semis that have lost their loads. Today, apparently, there was a bear cub within view of the highway which, undoubtedly, caused the mother of all back ups.  This is the commute. This is the tsunami of daily anxiety..and it is all blissfully lost on me. I was never a sea of calm behind the wheel. Staying out of rush hour has to be adding years to my life.

Curiously, my schedule now seems determined by things like garbage pickup. Is it a recycling day or time to put out the garden waste? Man, that walk to the curb can seem hellaciously long!

And napping? I have been a devoted napper my entire life…and now I can nap with impunity! Don’t give me an excuse to close my eyes or you’ll lose me.

I had a physical recently and the doctor was amazed at the placid pace of my blood pressure. It’s always been a bit on the low side but, frankly, with this schedule I’m surprised he could even find a pulse. We would have talked about it longer but I’m pretty sure he had to rush off to his next patient. I don’t know. I may have drifted off on the examining table.


6 Responses to “Timeless”

  1. Dave ,if you want something to do, go and try buying a pair of socks, It is easier to buy a new car! Enjoy your retirement!

  2. Please post a pic of your painting when it’s finished Dave. Happy napping!, Gail:)

  3. Hello Dave, thank you, I am always smiling when I read what’s in your thoughts and your agenda or lack thereof – I was talking with my Robert’s Creek compatriots yesterday & their neighbour has a new “bear blaster” – they are concerned that whatever bear is scared away may come tumbling their way, perhaps in not the best of a mood, accordingly – my thought is why would the neighbour want to hasten the pace of the bear’s leisurely stroll (with perhaps a similar gait to you?) – methinks the nieghbour may be watching Duck Dynasty with intent for a Canadian version? – I’m interested in your art, same as Gail, btw – I wish I had lotto money, I would commission you as well – we have rotating garbage & waster pickup in London, every 7 days – we have a schedule, but we fondly watch for our neighbour’s son Mateo to put theirs out – better any day than to check the city calendar – a rotating day would mean a challenge for you Dave, I’m sure you’d be up to it, all I’m saying is that routine’s are out there, some better than others – while London’s program is said to be saving the city some money, it could be as many as 13 days, sometimes happens that way around the Statuary Holidays – if so, don’t open the lid of the can, otherwise, a very nasty surprise awaits!

    • I have a friend in Roberts Creek who actually prefers the bears in his yard to the dogs. As to my art, it is keeping me sane and focused…and I have never really figured out how much to charge for it. I do it for me..first. If others like it…that’s a bonus.

      • Do you take Bridge Cards (?), that is Detroit language, you may still remember – send me a post card till you figure it out, ha, ha – thank you Dave, I think I should take “it” up, something to help with the sanity, or lack thereof! – I wouldn’t mind a bear or 2 in my backyard, when I retire in Robert’s Creek, that will then be my turn – we went to the dump in Sea Schelt, no bears, lots of eagles, and that’s a good thing

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