This Bud’s not for Me

You'll go blind!

You’ll go blind!

Well, here’s a rant.

If I have one more person wearing earbuds walk into me, I’m going to lose my business. You’ll read about it in the back pages, ‘Broadcaster goes Ballistic over Buds‘.

What the hell is wrong with people?  It’s as if they stick these things in their eyes, not their ears. I understand the joy of being swept up in your music but, come on folks! You’re in a public space. You still have have a civic duty to watch where you’re going.

I’m certainly narcissistic enough to believe that they may be targeting me directly. I see someone coming toward me with wires dangling from their head, doing that kind of bizarrely detached, head-bobbing mambo that Earbud People do, and I know…I absolutely know they’re  going to bump into me…or at least awkwardly avoid the collision at the very last second.

Earbud People not only lose their peripheral vision but ,as they drop their forward stare to connect fully with their digital funk, everything straight ahead seems to go blank as well. There must be a name for this. I thought that if you deprived a person of one critical sense it would somehow heighten the remaining levels of awareness. Not so much. Clearly, if you over-stimulate what’s going on in your ears…your eyes fall by the wayside.

Earbud People are already at risk in traffic. If you’re going to be wiped out by a bus, you’d better hope the last thing you’re listening to is really enjoyable. I’d pick Beethoven’s Egmont Overture or anything by Vince Guaraldi.

It’s a war out there. In the subway. On the sidewalk. It’s the Earbud People versus me. And I see them. I see them all. The question is, do they ever see me?


10 Responses to “This Bud’s not for Me”

  1. Hey Dave – back in the mid 1980’s, I was given a very small portable radio and I was listening to it (with ear buds on), while walking on the sidewalk when a drunk driver who fell asleep at the wheel, came up behind me, onto the sidewalk, and hit me from behind and then dragged me under the carriage of the car for the length of a football field – I was aware the whole time, no time to figure out what was pushing me until I stopped, and crawled out from the bushes that stopped the vehicle from taking me any further than it did – I crawled out from under the car, and through the bushes, to collapse on the hood of the car in disbelief and then adrenalin took over – the long & short of the story is that I never wear ear buds any more – please bear in mind that I was hit from behind as I walked on the sidewalk – every time that I see someone with ear buds I am reminded of that evening, and I wish whomever I see with ear buds, great luck, to keep out of danger’s way would be the best, and hopefully to be able to live & tell the story of survival if the worst does come their way – this story may have been more interesting if I had of been listening to Mozart or Bach or Vince Guaraldi at that time, ha, ha! – 9 more sleeps til I touch down at YVR, yippee! – best wishes for a great weekend Dave, how does your garden grow?

  2. After reading ‘Broadcaster goes Ballistic over Buds‘ I thought this might be a Leaf (as in TML) article not an ear bud article as the city is in hysteria whenever the Leafs are in the postseason. Anyone else think this or just a coincidental play on words?

  3. oh good………I’m glad I’m not the only one. I am really irked by the attitude of some people walking and talking on cell phones. It seems as if I ALWAYS have to get out of their way. Do they believe they have special rights for the ‘right of way’ just because they are preoccupied? One of these days I am going to purposely walk right into one of them if they don’t make any attempt to share the sidewalk. Of course, with my luck, it will turn out to be a disaster and they’ll end up with a broken leg or something. I really don’t want to maime anyone……just wake them up. HEY YOU! I’M HERE WALKING TOO AND I DESERVE A LITTLE COURTESY THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

    Thanks Dave……….I needed to rant about this too.

  4. Or the folks who are texting into their phone and not looking up where they are going. I understand wholeheartedly your rant.

  5. Hi Dave, I’m a couple weeks behind in replying but I didn’t get a chance until now to read the article and I couldn’t resist throwing my two cents in (or is that rounded off to a nickel now?). Anyway, you’re right, I see it happen a lot and it’s happened to me but one thing that bothers me most is when the person or people being bumped into are the ones who end up saying “oh, sorry!” like it’s their fault. And I’m guilty of saying it myself. I don’t know why but it really drives me nuts when I catch myself saying it or when I hear somebody saying it when it should be the bumper who should be saying it. And while I’m on the subject, people can you please NOT overfill your backpacks when you go on the bus during morning rush hour. It’s hard enough to push your way through the crowded bus without having to fight off backpacks as well. Thanks Dave for letting me rant too; I always enjoy your stories, keep them coming

  6. I just have to say OMG to Karen! You are lucky to be alive…how horrible… I will be sharing this with my daughter who wears earbuds while riding her bike!

  7. Hey would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re working with? I’m going to start my own blog in the near future but I’m having a difficult time choosing between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique.

    • This is a WordPress blog. All free to the user unless you choose to make it a commercial venture…in which case there is a charge. It was dead easy to get up and running and I have found the help forums invaluable. I haven’t sampled the other engines, so I can’t comment but I’m pretty happy with this.

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