Two Friends

Old friends

Old friends

Two friends on my mind…one was as old as the hills, the other recently discovered. Both, at this stage of the game, worth quite a bit.

I had known the first for longer than any other person in my life. He was the longest-lived touchstone in my family history. He could fill in all the blanks left by my own parents, now long gone. He was a marvel. We bonded quite a bit on the water…both of us had boating firmly in the blood. There were lots of gloriously sunny days spent on a searing teak deck overlooking some of the most beautiful cruising grounds on the planet. We dined on oysters plucked right off the beach and feasted frequently on the plumpest prawns drawn up from the cool sea bottom just moments before we dropped them into a steamer. And we got into our cups pretty well too. It’s all part of the rosy glow of remembrance now. When he died last month at the age of 97, I really thought that nobody I knew had done it better. I’ll miss him, of course, but I have years of inventory in the recollection. I can summon him up when the moment suits.

The second man was encountered just a few years ago. We are both writers and, I sense, both romantics at heart. My sense of warmth though, is often buried deep beneath a crushing pile of cynicism. This man surely has been knocked about by life but he remains , perhaps, the most positive person I know. I envy his attitude. While I whinge and worry and seem resigned to the whims of fate…this friend soldiers on in a singularly straight forward fashion. He believes in himself and he believes in others. I know he thinks more of my talents than I do. That’s a very valuable thing. You’d be a fool to let a friendship like that slip.

We make the acquaintance of thousands of people over the course of our individual lives but who can tally the number of true friends on the fingers of a more than a single hand?

Two friends. One now gone, the other still in play. I thought it was important to take stock.


8 Responses to “Two Friends”

  1. Brian Baker Says:

    Loved this post, Dave. Truly good friends generally are few and far between and are invaluable. Also loved the pic, your friend looked like quite the gentleman! Cheers!

  2. chardon Says:

    dear dave, in the past couple of years i have been out of touch with one of these kinds of friends. we had a falling out that i regret. having read your above thoughts, i believe it is time to right that wrong. thanks for the push.

    • Chardon. I know I will regret having let some friendships slip. Sometimes it’s work. Sometimes it’s awkward. But someone has to break the ice.

  3. Beautiful post, beautifully written. Sorry about the loss of your dear friend Dave. You both look quite dapper in the photo.

  4. Hello Dave – how tuned in you are to what’s important – I am struggling with friendships at the moment, too long to go into what happened, is happening – for me, realizing how important friendships are, to get back luke warm “talk” in response – too often the excuses, the “too busy” – I’m not the only person out there getting this, I know, this is an age old situation – I remember my Mom mentioned this once, and I asked her why she didn’t just get a new friend – now I know, and I feel her pain, today and for the last couple of years as I’ve come to terms with this – not waiting any more & loving life for what it is, it is truly amazing, friends or not – thank you Dave, you are an inspiration to me, I appreciate you!

  5. Thanks, Dave: always enjoy your blogs and this is true to home. Lynne, Toronto

  6. Very true Dave, I was having a similar conversation with someone just yesterday…. I have known her since I was about 14 and was apologizing for not being in touch more. She told me not to worry and how blessed we are in such a busy world to still be in touch after all these years, and that any time she gets to share with me whether it is on the phone or a quick comment on Facebook is a blessing for sure! There may only be a couple, but the ones that last are the good ones!

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