The Peplum

Too much flounce?

Too much flounce?

One of the benefits of shopping with my wife is that it puts things on my radar that have never been there before. Not once.

For example, she’s looking for a top with a nice peplum. Well who isn’t? But seriously folks…I’d never heard of the term ‘peplum’, which apparently has its roots on the dusty fashion runways of ancient Greece.

Now I find myself very peplum-aware. I can confidently drop the word ‘peplum’ into casual conversation and fashion-forward people will think more of me….if that’s possible.

When you shop with a peplum-seeking woman your focus also becomes very peplum-specific, in that all peplums are apparently not created equal. For example, if you have outgrown the Gidget stage (there’s a dated reference) you do not want a flouncy peplum. Flouncy is for the young and carefree.

You want a cleaner, more classic peplum…as befits your standing in the community.

Frankly, I just like using the word peplum. It has some of the same pronounceable cachet as philtrum (the fleshy vertical ridges between the nose and the upper lip).

There’s no compelling reason for a man to know anything about the peplum, just as there’s no reason for the average woman to have the slightest knowledge of the urinal puck.


5 Responses to “The Peplum”

  1. Well, I feel compelled to ask after resisting the urge for at least the time it took to enjoy a second read through. What is a urinal puck? Perhaps, I don’t really need to know, but I do need to ask the question!

  2. Urinal puck? Hmm. This is going to haunt me. Now what would you do Dave without your better half to teach you these things? I hope she found a nice one. I think it’s lovely that you two go shopping together. My husband likes to go with me too. He never wants to spend any money but that’s another story. Guess that’s why I do most of my shopping online these days. 🙂

  3. The compelling reason would seem to be that you love your wife and want her to feel good about herself. Good for you marriage would be a much more stable institution if more men set aside thier own interests to support things – like fashion trends, that interest their significant other. I know many wives who sit through sporting events day dreaming about pelplum.

  4. Well I have to confess, I have changed many a urinal puck in my time, and while I do like a good peplum myself I never actually knew what it was called! Thanks! I sure do miss you Dave, take care 🙂

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