Watership Down (the knitted version)

No place for a knitted bunny!

I discovered a childhood talisman on a walk the other day. It was a sock rabbit…like a sock monkey…but clearly a member of the family Leporidae. It was a strange sight, this knitted bunny in pristine condition, lying flat on its back in the middle of the sidewalk and as I took these pictures I cycled through the obvious scenarios and questions in my mind. Was this most cherished huggable accidentally dropped by a stumbling toddler who had one hand in a parent’s grasp and the other on the doll? Did the child cry out when the rabbit went down and the parent, perhaps chatting on a cellphone, ignored  or didn’t hear the plea? Was the rabbit in a stroller along with half a dozen other fuzzy keepsakes and simply got muscled out of the nest? At what stage did Mom or Dad  (or Nanny) make the discovery and begin the long process of backtracking ? Did they get all the way home before they asked the child, ‘Where’s your bunny?’. When did the panic set in?

What does one do when one comes across something like this?  There is no known salvage protocol for woollen companions. If some flotsam washes up on a beach and you find it, it’s yours. If your neighbour sticks a busted ottoman out at the curb, have at it. But you can’t pull a finders-keepers on a sock rabbit! Those who abscond with a child’s lost toy are inviting some very bad karma, indeed.

But, what to do? You can’t draw a chalk line around the rabbit and call the police. If you move it, say to a less vulnerable location,  it’s not going to be on the path of recovery. It won’t be where the people who lost it will eventually have to search.

And if you were to pick it up, then what?  There’s no Lost and Found out there on the sidewalk of life. If the sock rabbit had been left on a bus or in the subway or in a shopping mall it would eventually be shepherded to some central depot. Someone would have turned it in. But outside  (in February) the risks are substantial and definitely time-sensitive.  This is not an all-weather sock rabbit. If a passing dog doesn’t throw it for a loop then it will clearly be at the mercy of the elements.

Not knowing what else to do, I left the sock rabbit exactly where I found it. I hated to think of it as an urban sponge. I hope it didn’t get kicked into the street only to be flattened by an Audi.  I’m trying not to consider the likelihood that it was probably still there when night fell and the child, for whom it must have provided some sense of comfort ,was without it in the dark. God speed, Sock Rabbit…you deserve to be back in a small embrace again.


14 Responses to “Watership Down (the knitted version)”

  1. Hi Dave,

    I would have done the very same……..just left it where it was in the hope that it’s owner would find it.

  2. What a sad photo
    Do you know what that little monkey is saying?
    He’s saying, “You promised you’d never leave. Where are you now?”

  3. Robb_eeie Says:

    You have a very wacky-twisted-viewpoint for a non-sock rabbit owner 🙂 Hopefully, Mr. Sock Rabbit is back in the loving arms of his owner.

  4. Or…it was just a worthless piece of cloth, part of an over-large collection of things bought for an over-indulged child. The kid dropped it and nobody noticed, or cared.

  5. hope it wasnt from a kid snatched off the sidewalk by some weirdo.
    ps. thanks 4 making the morning show bearable those ladies need your discipline from time to time i see.

  6. Aw, bittersweet story. I probably would have put it in the phone booth to keep it safe from the elements… or bunny kickers.

  7. Just wanted to also say….your blog title brings me back to many, many nights of fun and great food at Vcr’s Las Tapas in the early 80’s. ::sigh:: Those were the days…..

    • Thanks for that. The mention of tapas takes me back to a little hole-in-the-wall, out-of-the-way joint in Puerto Vallarta (still there) where the food was so good and so cheap, cheap, cheap. God, I can still taste the papas bravas!

      • Well, now there’s another memory evoked…in ’79, a beau took me to PV and we, too, ate at an off-the-beaten-path establishment called “Tony’s Please” (a lost-in-translation naming situation). I can still hear the locals snickering as I confidently ordered the chile rellano.

      • Love chile rellanos

  8. Perhaps a marketing opportunity for the need to carry a ziploc bag. Just think, a kind soul could quickly put said bunny into bag and leave it where it was found. Sheltering it from elements and somewhat easy to see. Imagine if parents/nanny found the loved toy minutes/hours/days later …would they be creeped out or would they be joyous in its protected condition.

  9. I bet you put it there!

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