Snug as a Bug

I believe long underwear season has officially descended upon downtown Toronto. It’s unseasonably late but now seasonably cold and I welcome it. I extend an official greeting because I happen to own a set of the world’s best long underwear. This is no vainglorious boast. The long johns I sport are so comfortable that you can wear them about indoors just for sheer comfort. And I do.

I am at the age now where just about every product reminds me of a story and long johns are no exception. I did a television piece many years ago about a delightfully irascible fellow in Nanaimo, B.C. who was making it his business to build the world a better set of cold weather skivvies. He was well into his seventies when I met him. He had a shock of white hair, piercing blue eyes and swore like a sailor. (Does that metaphor still hold water?) We got along like gangbusters and ,naturally, he made for terrific television!

Anyway, he had discovered a type of French fibre that could be used to make remarkably warm, yet light weight long johns. And he so believed in the product that he was willing to go anywhere, anytime to make his pitch. In fact, he related how he had gone to a trade show and proceeded to tear a strip off members of a Russian delegation by informing them that that they didn’t know jack about thermal underwear. Imagine telling the Russians, who’ve got places like Siberia in their backyard, that they didn’t know how to dress for the cold!

The gregarious garment man had me sold before I even finished our interview so I bought a pair of those long johns and they served me well until I basically wore them out. Then I promptly bought another pair.

They are like a form-fitted security blanket because I know that no matter how far the temperature plunges I will survive, perhaps even thrive.  Forget about layering, hell I’d go out in these things and these things alone if it was fashionably acceptable!

Understand, I am not shilling for the product. That delightful fellow I met all those years ago is probably long gone and I can only hope that the people who picked up the thermal mantle have continued his quest for excellence. There is something to be said for a product that delivers, though..really delivers. When it’s your butt out there at minus 20 you can’t afford to be cutting any corners.

Cold comfort? You betcha!


2 Responses to “Snug as a Bug”

  1. Long Johns are a must at this time of year. I can remember when my late grandfather wore those wool long johns with the trap on the back. Those would have been a itchy on my skin. The ones today have come a long way in more comfort and less bulky.

  2. I love my long johns………..I’m wearing mine as I type. I bought 3 different pairs from Sierra Trading Post on-line, 2 wool, 1 silk. I’m wearing the ‘everyday’ wool ones right now and they are cozy but not overly warm. The silk ones are great for wearing under dressier clothing. Wore them shopping the other day in the mall and they were great. I’m saving the heavier wool ones for the cold treks in the park. I must be getting old if I’m raving about long underwear. LOL


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