Baby Steps

See no evil...or stain.

I measure my personal development now in terms of baby steps. Old prejudices die hard and new skills are hesitantly embraced.

So when I tell you that I successfully removed a couple of stains from a new dress shirt today, please realize that this was no small achievement.

I have been fortunate enough to live almost all of my adult life with a partner who is a stain savant. Much like Mozart was born with the temperament for musical genius…so the infant Frau must have looked down the first time she made a mess in a diaper and thought, ‘I know how to get that out‘.

There is no stain on earth she cannot remove. Give her time and it will succumb. I have watched her work with the most extraordinary diligence..almost as if this was the ultimate individual challenge. You may run your marathons. You can climb your mountains. Angie seems to achieve a kind of finish-line-glow every time she lifts the lid on the washer.

So today, when I removed a load of shirts from the machine only to find one distressingly soiled, my first instinct was to seek marital counsel. Except that, due to our current lifestyle situation, the Stainmeister is on the other side of the country.

So I tackled the job myself. This was tricky because it is possible, I have learned, to make a much bigger mess than you started out with. You feel like you’re part of a bomb disposal unit. First I analysed the stain. It appeared to be oily in nature..perhaps an errant spurt of salad dressing. I recalled some ancient advice she once gave me on baby powder. So I reached for a small container of baby powder. I applied it to the trio of stains..rubbed it in with an old toothbrush and stood back to experience some kind of magic.

Then, after brushing off the baby powder, I hit it with a squeeze bottled stain remover..and scrubbed that in too. Confident I was on the right track, I plunged the shirt into a new wash and crossed my fingers.

It worked ! It actually worked ! Sure, David Copperfield can make the Statue of Liberty disappear…but how is he on salad dressing stains?

I may reward myself with a glass of wine…and I might let a little dribble escape  just for the hell of it!


3 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. Mike Taggart Says:

    What are you doing with baby powder in your ”bachelor” pad :):):):):)

  2. Mike Taggart Says:

    Hope you refrain from using the lipstick and mascara :):):):):)

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