Adult Education

The price of bananas

The Frau and I have gone back to school. It’s not Spanish classes nor anything to do with Early American History. These are remedial sessions in the school of life. When you have been married as long as we have you naturally divide and delegate the details of daily living. This is really an organic process. The spouse with the inherent financial brains tends to manage the money. The handier of the two tackles home maintenance. And when you come to an issue like how many dozens of throw pillows you need on the bed, well, the party who just doesn’t give a damn invariably (and gladly) capitulates.

So now we have an interesting situation in our marriage. A new job means we will spending some stretches of time apart. We both need to learn the most pedestrian of skills which were never acquired in the first place. Angie has never, for example, fired up a barbeque nor mowed a lawn. So I needed to instruct her in these disciplines to ensure that the next time I greet her at the airport she’ll be relatively unsinged and still possess all ten toes.

My education begins at the supermarket and the drug store which are as foreign to my eyes as the far reaches of the Serengeti. The Frau is a coupon savant so I have been stumbling along behind her grocery cart , like a wide-eyed seven year old, as she finesses a savings from every shelf. I can’t possibly learn this method of sustaining oneself overnight…but it’s a start. I know nothing about the price of a tomato…nor the art of selecting single (cheaper) bananas that are left over once other people have plucked their bunches. We need some light bulbs in our new apartment but until the Frau can get them at a reasonable price we should be perfectly content to stumble around in the dark. Who knew?

In many ways I feel a bit like one of my sons who, while still living at home and nestled in the lap of parental luxury, looked at us with incredulity one day and said, ‘ Who buys their own underwear ?!’.

Well, he’s married now and, I assume, buys his own underwear. Perhaps his new bride is an underwear savant and handles that task for both of them.

But I’m back to looking after myself for awhile now and there are still more questions than answers.

Who, for example, buys their own toothpaste?!


3 Responses to “Adult Education”

  1. And here I thought you were self-sufficient. Have fun learning new things.

  2. Incandescent or CFL?

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