Game Day and the Brave New World

A few weeks ago one of my offspring  joined a few of his friends (all rabid Vancouver Canucks fans) to work on a spoof of the mega-annoying internet hit ‘Friday‘. They called their version Game Day…and it was a melodious wackadoodle tribute to their team.

Last time I checked, this little ditty of theirs had more than 280,000 views on YouTube and is now even being played on the big screen at the hockey games. Where, you may ask, is the irony here?  Well, these guys, in just 48 hours, had more exposure through cyberspace than I got in my last five years of commercial and corporate communications. This is the brave new world in which we live. Sometimes you can can catch a good wave…bodysurf a curl of popular culture right up onto the beach. The problem is that the momentum is a difficult thing to maintain. The local spoofmeisters have made a couple more team-tribute videos and, though good, they haven’t quite caught fire like the original. I think they’re learning something about their peers. It’s an attention-deficit generation out there. You may get ’em once…but it’s damned difficult to keep them focused thereafter.

I have taken a couple of kicks at the parody can over the course of my less-than-viral career. Once, I produced a knockoff of the American tabloid tv show A Current Affair in which I appeared as a poor man’s version of host Maury Povich. My producer sent the piece to Povich and the avuncular star put part of it on his show. That fifteen seconds or so undoubtedly provided the biggest single audience in my 35 years of broadcasting. When Kevin Costner’s film Dances With Wolves was released, I saddled a horse, donned a uniform and grasped a bunch of baguette for a spoof called Prances With Loaves. I got some satisfaction from it, no doubt. But I didn’t get 280,000 viewers worth of satisfaction, that’s for sure.

You have to enjoy these reflected moments in the moment. The creative process is so much sweeter when it’s a collaboration between good friends. But remember, boys, the final words from the movie Patton…’ all glory is fleeting ‘.


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