Crocodiles and Floss Threaders

I know. I know. I have been woefully neglectful of this blog for a number of weeks and I apologize. I have no excuses except for laziness and the fact that every writer can only go to the well so often. I have been distracted with actually trying to earn a living . Oh, the burdens of real life!

The Frau and I have just returned from anther sojourn to Mexico. It is, as you know if you read here regularly, one of my favourite places on the planet. (see Missing Mexico)

The Mexican tourism industry has been taking it squarely in the monongalulus for a few years now…a situation that many Mexicans blame on the main stream media and on various American lobbyists intent on keeping local vacation dollars at home. Do I really need to remind people that Mexico is a big, big country with an overwhelmingly friendly population and, despite the violence you hear about in isolated trouble spots, you have a greater chance of being bonked by a coconut than winged by an errant bullet?

I guess I do. And now I have.

Every time we visit Mexico my wife goes on an intense hunt for some undiscoverable object. We know it’ll be a fruitless search but that doesn’t stop us from pounding untold cobblestoned miles in the blazing heat.  One year the quest was for a specific type of sexy sandal. There are a lot of shoe stores in Puerto Vallarta (in every major Mexican city) and we visited them all. We looked at thousands of sexy sandals and each pair lacked some mystical, intangible quality known only to the Frau. This, you learn, is when husbands earn their stripes.

Not the shoes.

This year she forgot her dental floss threader. I guess it’s a device that helps push floss through your teeth..I really don’t know. If you think finding the right shoe is a challenge you should try explaining (in broken Spanish) the concept of the floss threader to a Mexican pharmacist or store clerk. Needless to say, we never found them.

We always like to get off the beaten path a bit so we engaged the services of a terrific guide named Roberto who ran us up the coast to the old city of San Blas for a day. A couple of years ago we took Roberto’s tour to the former silver mining enclave of San Sebastion in the mountains beyond Puerto Vallarta.This time we nibbled along the way on such local roadside and beachfront goodies as freshly caught red snapper and shrimp, soft, young coconut flesh in lime juice and chilli powder and lovely golden segments of jackfruit…pretty much right off the tree. The creamy jackfruit segments tasted a lot like candy and I kept waiting to see if it would exit my system as quickly as it entered…but, gastrointestinally, all was calm.

Roberto and Dave noshing enroute to San Blas

Roberto (Robert) is a Canadian expat with a quick wit, a storehouse of local knowledge and a personalized approach to touring that I greatly prefer to the cattle drive ambiance of group sightseeing. With tourism suffering, you can probably negotiate yourself a better deal than the stated rates. Check him out at :

If you ever get to San Blas throw back a few beers at Billy Bob’s bar. It’s right on the main drag. It’s the place with the ten foot crocodile named Fluffy in the back. God, I love this country.


One Response to “Crocodiles and Floss Threaders”

  1. Good to see you back and blogging again. Glad to hear you and Frau had a great trip. I have never been to Mexico. One day…

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