An Image Problem?

Yesterday I shot a television story on a Vancouver woman who has been making a creative go of it by handcrafting custom-made pinatas.

Meaghan Kennedy’s business is called Your Pinata. You send her a photo of someone you’d really like to bust into a million pieces and , in short order, she will turn out a smackable effigy. God, knows there must be no end to that business! I told her if she had been set up in Egypt during the recent unrest she could have retired on the sales of Hosni Mubarek pinatas alone. Think what she could do with Gadhafi!

Anyway, Meaghan’s creations are slightly more civil than all that. She does pinatas for birthdays and anniversaries and fundraisers and roasts. She admits to having crafted some naughty bits..some anatomically optimistic pinatas, if you will.

The moment she opened her door the first words out of her mouth were…’You’ve shaved!’  I found this an odd greeting since even my best friends haven’t noticed my current lack of whiskers….but Meaghan , to my surprise, had just spent time working me up in papier mache..having taken a cue from the photo on the masthead of this blog…so she was somewhat taken aback.

Me too. It’s very odd to stare at someone else’s creative expression of yourself. Frankly, it’s a little creepy and it has happened before.


There is a miniature wooden version of me up on a shelf in my office.  I have also been rakued. I didn’t have to pose for the wood carving but the raku required having my face slathered in plaster with two straws up my nose. It’s apparently impossible to see someone on a table with two straws up their nose without succumbing to the urge of blocking the straws. You find out who your friends are in a real hurry when you’re this vulnerable.

Raku in repose

The Nose

I have also had my nose sketched. Just my nose. It’s a big portrait.

But back to the pinata. I brought it home last night and did not show it to The Frau. And then it occurred to me that there was the potential for a great practical joke here. What if I slid the pinata into my side of the bed, pulled the covers up exposing only the hair, hid in the closet and waited for Angie to show up in the dark and attempt to snuggle? Might be like that scene from the movie Escape from Alcatraz, when Clint Eastwood fashioned a dummy in his cell to fool the prison guards.

But this is real life, not a movie and I have learned much over the course of the 29 year marriage. Pinata or not…you never give your wife an excuse to pick up a bat.

Hit me.

Check out Meaghan Kennedy’s website at and watch for our story on an upcoming edition of  TelusTV’s  myVancouver show.


2 Responses to “An Image Problem?”

  1. You look very hip and cool in your TELUS t-shirt and jeans. Nice! So, is the pinata still in one piece?

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