Reviewing the Review

The good people at WordPress just sent me a year-end synopsis of how this blog did in 2010. You’ll find it below..exactly as it appeared in my email..without benefit (or blemish) of revision. I don’t know if they’re trying to flatter me but ,apparently, I got a ‘ Wow ‘ on the traffic meter…even though, at 25,000 views, this is a but a drop in the blogosphere bucket for some sites. Perhaps, it ain’t bad, though, for a grizzled scribe in a bathrobe.

I’d like to thank the other sites that helped steer people my way. They’re listed below too. And it looks like I need to kiss the hands of at least three women whose profiles also helped channel people (much like a flume in a fish ladder) toward my writing. A lot of people viewed my missive on the marvellous Tracey Bell..or maybe it was just dozens and dozens of the gifted Vancouver mimic’s alter egos who logged on. Who knows? Many people wanted to know about Calgary television News anchor Jocelyn Laidlaw’s new baby and somehow their search brought them here. Still others wanted information on another broadcast buddy of mine, Simi Sara. I now don’t need to ask either of these women if something has happened in their lives because if it has…I see a bump on my blog. You know there was a time when I would have jumped all over that last line.

Thanks for reading. Dave


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