The Psychology of Saving

Were you one of those people who stood outside in a shopping lineup yesterday in hopes of getting a bargain?

I have only one question for you. Why?  Why would you do it?  Were you bored beyond measure? Did you have cabin fever and simply had to get out?  Had you convinced yourself that your time was worth so little?

I have never understood the mass hysteria around bargain shopping, especially, since there are so few bargains to be had and so much smoke and mirrors in how retailers set the hook. Truth be the current economic climate..there’s very few deals that were made yesterday that couldn’t have been made months before. Oh sure, a couple of lucky souls got a big discount..but only a couple. If there’s 10,000 items on the shelves..but only 10 big ticket items at half price..well, you calculate the odds.

You’d be better to sit at home with a box full of scratch and win tickets and try your luck. At least you’d be warm.

It’s the psychology behind the behaviour that truly fascinates. People are getting a lot more out of this experience than a more equitable bank balance. This is a group grope. You feel like you’re a part of something bigger..a movement, of sorts. And there are bragging rights to endlessly feast upon if you happen to be one of the chosen few who snag a so-called great deal. You can tell that story for years. Everyone will be sick of it..but there you go.

The newspaper this morning is full of photographs of people struggling down the street with their 72 inch flat screen tv’s. Getting up in the middle of the night, standing in line and enduring the hassle of bringing it all home is enough to convince me that bargain shopping is a mug’s game. If you’re a glutton for punishment, be my guest. I’d need to raise my frustration bar and drop my satisfaction level a ton before I’d even bother tieing my shoes.


7 Responses to “The Psychology of Saving”

  1. Dave – you are a funny guy. Real first then funny. I watched you with Simi on BT and followed you here a little. It is so refreshing to listen to your sensible approach to life and your ideas about the hills and valleys along the way.

    I always have a smile on my face after I read your commentary.


  2. It’s just plain humbug isn’t it, Dave? A pox on all of them I say.

  3. vancouverrite Says:

    I am so glad I found your blog Dave! Miss you on the morning tv show. That show is HORRIBLE now!!!! I used to watch your show in the morning while having breakfast, go to the Sikh Temple for a morning prayer & then go to work. Was a bit lost after but am feeling better now!lol!

  4. Very amusing. We waited till later in the morning to shop and still got good deals on some items. Nice to read you again.

  5. Dave! You are thee most amazing wordsmith I know. And if I may be so bold to share where people can find you now, it’s here.

    Find Dave on TELUS Community Programming, a weekly community magazine show called myVancouver.

    Let the good times roll!!

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