Sing for your Breakfast

The other day The Frau was sitting at the kitchen table singing a loopy song that was all the rage way back in 1957.

The reason? We were having a quick bowl of cereal before a bigger brunch planned for later that morning. The cereal was Honeycomb. It’s not my favorite but, then again, I don’t have a favorite cereal. Eating cereal for me is simply a stop-gap measure for my hunger before I can satisfy it with real food.

Anyway, as I say, the cereal was Honeycomb….which set The Frau off on a kind of half-assed karaoke version of a song by the same name which was a number one hit for a guy named Jimmie Rodgers. Eventually we were both sitting there singing Honeycomb while eating Honeycomb. What a lovely commercial, boomer moment for the folks at Post Foods.

I had the laptop on the kitchen table so I instantly looked up Jimmie Rodgers who, apparently, is still with us..perhaps still belting out hits like Honeycomb and Kisses Sweeter Than Wine in some natty showroom in Branson. In some respects, the laptop has replaced the morning paper at our breakfast table. I suspect the two of us are not alone in this.

It’s a good thing neither of the kids walked in the door at that tuneful moment. The sight of your parents sitting around in their bathrobes singing cereal jingles is , I’m pretty sure, ¬†solid ground for seeking power of attorney.


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