Ties that Bind

A professional job

My wife tied my shoes for me yesterday. I was wearing a pair of moccasin-like slippers..the leather laces all askew..and she told me to sit down (with that semi-irritated, slightly affectionate tone in her voice) and she would tie them in a knot and in a fashion that was all but permanent. So I sat on the window seat in the bedroom and watched as she tied my shoes. I might as well have been three years old again…sitting there with a paddle ball and an all-day sucker. It was a remarkable feeling.

I don’t know how old I was when I first tied my own shoes. Three? Four? Five?  I’m also a little fuzzy on how old our kids were when they managed the task. The Frau has all of this developmental information permanently stored in her memory banks. I’m sure by the time your parents send you off to kindergarten you should be able to keep your own laces together. This is probably one of the things that girls are better at than boys…like walking and talking and reading and writing.

It was a big accomplishment..the first time you successfully tied your own shoes. There was a satisfaction there that, pound for pound, was pretty hard to beat. The only other time that shoelaces provided any measure of thrill in my life was when I tied a fellow summer camper’s laces together while he was sleeping and watched him plummet from the upper bunk to the cabin floor after he woke up. That’s the kind of linear thinking at which boys really excel.


2 Responses to “Ties that Bind”

  1. My husband’s shoelaces are always undone. When I tie them for him, they stay put. I can totally relate to your blog.

  2. Kids today will never feel that sense of accomplishment and independence the first time they tie their shoelaces.

    There isn’t that much satisfaction in pressing velcro flaps together.

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