Memories by the Bunch

It's all good

We were back in wine country this past weekend and my palate is still in detox. The winery tours, whether organized or a part of a haphazard, meandering, self-guided day have an interesting psychology.

Clearly, everyone starts out sober…and that’s more or less the way it should stay if you spit after you sip. But I’m going to guess that only a tiny fraction of visitors are jettisoning their mouthfuls into whatever vessel might be provided. Many wineries now charge a relatively small fee for a flight of wines and they deduct that from the price of a bottle if you buy. Once you’ve paid the tasting fee, though, you’ve got a small financial stake in buying the product..that alone might be enough to tip you toward the cash register…and the winery knows that. I’m also guessing that the prime wine buying hours are in the middle of your tour. You buy less from the first few wineries in the day because your mind tells you it’s still early. There’s a wide selection yet to slurp. And you may buy less at the end of a long day because: a) you’ve blown the budget, b) the trunk of the car is full, c) you can’t read the labels anymore.

I tasted nothing but reds over the three-day stint and on the final morning, before our departure, I stood in front of the hotel bathroom mirror and stuck out my tongue. It looked like a piece of beef jerky. Heavily marinated beef jerky. And it was numb. The taste buds at the back had all the coherence and discriminatory capacity of Lindsay Lohan.

I do love the vineyards. To be there on a warm autumn afternoon with a bunch of good friends while the sun is lolling as low on the horizon as the grapes on those vines is very heady stuff. I’m already ripe for a return.


4 Responses to “Memories by the Bunch”

  1. Danny Bailey Says:

    “Beaujolais Nouveau” was the only French I knew….. thanks to you.

    • I remember those Beaujolais Nouveau stories, Dan. It was like the Cabbage Patch Dolls craze..but for adults…everyone waiting breathlessly for the release of this wine, the popularity of which, was largely the result of a very clever marketing campaign by the provincial liquor board.

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  3. Jocelyn Laidlaw Says:

    So nice to read your musings about visits to the wine country. We have enjoyed some lovely times together there…along with some emotional highs and lows. Miss you much… as always and dropping in to check out the blog occasionally is always entertaining.

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