A One Year Thankyou!

This blog is now, officially , one year old. I started it when I had nothing but time on my hands but was still itching to write.

Has it been worthwhile? A lifeboat? Cathartic at times? Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I got into this by farting around on the WordPress website late one evening and before I knew it I was up and blogging. The set up is so quick and easy..and intoxicatingly attractive with all the various visual  themes..that I suspect a lot of people slide into it by exactly the same process.

There are millions of people hosting their own little slice of literary reality all over the world and most of them are in it for the same reason. They love to write. I don’t think you wake up one morning and decide to be a writer. I think it starts as a trickle …almost an electrical current…that begins very early in school when an innate ability to express oneself  sets an individual apart. You simply fall in love with words. If this desire can be explored and nurtured and reinforced incrementally along the way, the years will fly by and the writing will stack up. If you can make a living with your writing, as I do in television,  you are living the dream.

I have shamelessly neglected this cyber-diary at times and when I do I actually suffer pangs of guilt. That’s my ego at work and it is a sizeable entity. It’s my ego that persuades me that anybody would actually care about what I write. When I’m feeling low, as I frequently do, I can express it in this blog. When I want to waltz down memory lane, I come here too. Some of the most personally satisfying things I have written in the last year have been homages to people who are gone. I think about them a lot and I need to put words to those feelings. I did manage to tell a good many of those folks what they meant to my life while they were still living. But I continue to write about them now. That’s the cathartic part. Teardrops on my Keyboard may sound like a new-age version of a doo-wop song but, believe me, it happens a lot.

So this blog has been a good thing for me. The statistics tell me that there have been more than 35,000 visits to Manic Tapas. I know that Perez Hilton probably gets that many hits (if not more) in the time it takes him to go to the john…but I don’t care. If you have found something worthwhile here, I’m happy. If you have been a good and faithful visitor since the first day I posted, exactly one year ago, I am very grateful. You have kept me writing. You have brought me some measure of joy.



9 Responses to “A One Year Thankyou!”

  1. You are very welcome. I do enjoy reading your blog and will look forward to more of your writings. Thank you for writing about interesting subjects. Has been an enjoyable year! Keep on writing!:smile:

  2. I love your out look on life. I have been a huge fan for many years. Miss seeing you on TV but I check your blog daily. You always bring a smile to my face and laughter to my heart.

  3. Perez Hilton may get more hits, but that would just further illustrate the difference between quantity vs Quality 🙂

    Really enjoy your writing, Dave – you provide us with memories and introspective insights that gets us thinking. Hope you keep on writing and ‘painting word pictures’ for us! Thank you!

  4. Steve Pratt Says:

    Happy blog anniversary, Dave! Keep it up – you’re a great writer with an unbeatable talent for telling stories.

  5. I for one am happy that you got into blogging. I have you listed in my favorites and check your site each day to see if you have anything new to say. I get withdrawals when you go walkabout. Congratulations on your first year and I hope many more.

  6. Hello Dave:
    Congrats on your one year of blogging. I am still enjoying your wonderful writing!

    All the Best

  7. Dave, to know of you is to love you.
    Keep up the great work!

  8. yeah my dad will like this

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