The Frugal Frau…by Proxy

When I started this blog, almost a year ago, it was my thought to have my devoted and über domestic spouse contribute fascinating household tips in a post entitled The Frugal Frau. This lasted about two weeks. Clearly I thought there was a much larger treasure trove of  head slapping ‘ why didn’t I think of that ‘  material than really existed. No matter.

Last month, while visiting good friends in B.C.’s Okanagan valley, I decided I should cook a meal. It was, afterall, the Frau’s birthday. In the course of mucking around the kitchen and while exploring a foreign cutlery drawer I discovered our hosts had devised a fabulous use for a discarded toilet paper roll. Take a look at this.

Why didn’t I think of that ? This is much cleaner and less prone to entanglement than an elastic band or a twist tie.

Our hosts thought I had pretty much lost my mind when I began capturing images of this seemingly pedestrian application. Oh, you may bask in the magic moments of your children at play or revel in the breathtaking scenery while on your vacation. I take shots of toilet paper rolls. Hey…whatever coils your cord.


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