The Thrill is Gone

I bought a new computer this week…my first laptop…and I am completely and utterly…meh.

It’s lovely and silver and sleek and has just about everything you’d ever want a computer to have but, frankly, it is leaving me stone cold. I don’t know if this is a function of age or unbridled technological ambivalence. Understand that I want to be thrilled. I really do. I’m dutifully reading the instruction booklet and embracing all the updates and downloads. I am attempting to immerse myself in the whiz-bang wonder of it all. Still, it seems a colossal bore.

There was no particular lilt in my gait as I walked into the retailer. I looked at the various displays without any emotion at all. Where was the spark of wonder while the salesperson outlined all those intriguing options? In the end I handed over a credit card and he handed me the laptop with no more ceremony than if I was buying a melon at the fruit stand.

I know that part of me sees this as the slippery slope. Now there is no excuse for not having the damn computer with me everywhere I go. I could take it on vacation and soon be sitting on the beach or by the pool…like all those others dweebs I see squinting and pecking away under the midday sun. Now I’ll have to be opening the stupid thing up at airport security and worrying about whether the hotel has the proper connectivity in every room. Now I’m going to be tortured by the fear that I might accidentally leave it somewhere. I’m like the ghost of Jacob Marley in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. This laptop is just another link in the heavy chain I’m lugging around.

Shame on you, Gerry! You were supposed to be holding the line. You were the one who argued for the separation of church and state and now you’re no better than all the rest. Sigh. I don’t find any particular comfort in conformity. It’s eroding my soul one email at a time.


6 Responses to “The Thrill is Gone”

  1. I feel your pain. The lack of a mouse requires a whole new level of dexterity…always wondering whether you clicked the link and connection is pending or whether your finger jab wasn’t quite hard enough or in the correct location and you’ll be waiting ’till the cows come home and then some….I feel your pain.

  2. So it was not as exciting as you thought it would be eh? I was going to purchase a laptop back in June. After careful consideration, decided against it because like you, I was afraid of losing it somewhere, and that touch pad, nevermind.
    Congrats on getting a new computer.

  3. Russ Byth Says:

    You should have skipped the laptop and gone straight to an iPhone. I hardly touch the laptop anymore and the iphone’s a lot easier to carry.

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