Believing the Beep

All I want is to be able to do is lock the car and walk away..walk away without wondering if I did, indeed, lock the car.  What is this affliction? Age ?  OCD ? The same thing happens when I alarm the house and step out the door. I go about eight paces, turn, and try to remember if I just set the alarm. The problem must be in the repetition. These are almost automatic responses now. Lock the house. Lock the car. Both are done with the push of a button. There is nothing to distinguish the time you did it today from the time you did it yesterday. I don’t think that my memory is failing. It’s just not bothering to recall the specificity of such a minor chore.

But it is embarrassing. The car thing, in particular, is getting to be a bit of a joke. I simply can’t seem to push the button to lock the car and walk away clean. The people with me are no help. They can’t remember if they heard the horn beep either. It’s not their job to remember. It’s my car.

The nagging doubt is there from the first footstep. I have to turn around, aim the key pad and listen for the reassuring horn that tells me what I should already know..that the car is locked. Sometimes I make it all the way to the restaurant or the store before the doubt compels and then propels me back.

I suppose I should employ a memory device. I should try to create a moment that will allow me to remember what happened when I locked the car. And it has to be a moment that is distinguishable from the last moment I locked the car. I’m going to say ‘Alabama ‘ tomorrow when I lock the car. I think I’ll say it out loud. ALABAMA!  Maybe I’ll try to say it just like Forrest Gump, just for extra reinforcement. And then I’ll work my way through all the other 49 U.S. the District of Columbia. I will tack on the territories as well.

If , a couple of months from now, you’re in a parking lot and you hear a guy yell out GUAM !…you’ll know it’s been working pretty well.



4 Responses to “Believing the Beep”

  1. hmmm are we the same age? My husband and I go through this almost everyday, asking each other, did you lock the door to the house? Must be a 50’s age thing! Sometime we are in the car, driving away for 10 minutes or more, asking if we locked the door. Guess what? We go back to the house and sure enough it is locked. I empathized with what you are going through. Funny reading your blog and chuckling to myself, must be a 50 something memory thing.

    • How about leaving the house on an extended vacation and running through that mental checklist on the way to the airport?
      Many years ago my wife turned to me at 20,000 feet, enroute to Bermuda, and informed me that she had left the house with nothing more than a library card in her pocket. We still made it into the country. Those days are gone.

  2. Chris (Chilliwack Airport Lunch Guy) Says:

    Hey Dave, I actually thought of a great invention for this a long time ago, at least for the auto aspect. Why is there not a red/green light ON the key fob, that lights up appropriately if the car is locked, vs. is it is not? You would simply need to pull the fob out of your pocket, see the light is red, and know the car is locked. See, I should be making money off this idea RIGHT NOW.

    • Good idea….but is it new? I always figure by the time I come up with a notion I think is revolutionary..a hundred other people must have thought of it before me. That’s the difference, I guess, between the thinkers and the doers.

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