Pass the Tater Salad

Last night, as part of a birthday celebration that included a fine, whole barbequed salmon, the Frau whipped up some of her killer German potato salad. Everyone in my family knows that the Frau’s potato salad only gets better with each passing day in the fridge. The problem is that it’s consumed almost as soon as it is made.

We’ve all had good potato salad and we’ve all had bad potato salad. Good potato salad has the capacity to be stupendouslyly satisfying. People who eat bad potato salad sometimes don’t wake up the next morning!

bad salad

What makes the Frau’s concoction the best (in my humble opinion) is the tiny dices of good quality dill pickle in there. The dill pickle truly sends it home. The pickle juice itself..right from the jar..also makes it into the salad and it seems to add a certain somethin’/somethin’. People can be very opinionated about this particular summer staple. You don’t want potato salad to be too sweet, nor too watery, nor too congealed. There’s a delicate sort of alchemy at work in potato salad that often defies analysis.

Recently I wrote to a traveller’s forum in Bermuda reminding people how good the potato salad used to be at one of our favorite island haunts. The restaurant  is long gone but the memory of that potato salad remains fresh and tasty in my memory banks…even after 25 years.

This is what lives on in the windmills of your mind..long after you’ve forgotten the name of that once-favorite song, an old address and your new PIN. You’ll remember the potato salad.


One Response to “Pass the Tater Salad”

  1. What is truly wrong, is people who know no other way to acquire potato salad except to purchase it at Safeway when it is actually a fairly quick and simple salad to throw together.

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