Through a Lens Darkly

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After more than a dozen years I have finally bought a new pair of sunglasses. They are prescription progressive shades with polarized lenses and it is suddenly like looking at the world in high-definition. I feel like I could stare straight into a solar eclipse…which is never a good idea.

The old sunglasses were literally being held together with super glue and twist ties. The tiny screws that attach the arms to the lense frames had been pirated out of any number of other old glasses that I found in distant drawers. I used to sit at a crafts table upstairs in our a little old Swiss watchmaker..and put those glasses back together using very fine tweezers and clamps under a giant magnifying glass.

The old shades had been sat on, crushed, contorted, lost under the seats of several vehicles and submerged in three different oceans. They had sat atop my nose in so many lovely locations that I now barely recognize myself without them. I have vacation photos of a much younger man with dark hair wearing these same glasses and it always takes me a moment before I realize that the guy in the picture is me. So they’ve had more than a good run. Still, I feel a little guilty just tossing them away. Am I the only one who gets needlessly sentimental about inanimate objects?

The new glasses eliminate glare. I know this because I have spent a few hours deliberately seeking hot, joltingly bright reflections off any number of sources. I am deliberately trying to blind myself and it’s not working…so the glasses must be. I feel like I could weld in these.

I suppose the reason I put off the search for new shades is that I truly have a tough time at the retail level. I can try on a thousand frames and none of them seem to work. There’s a science to choosing the right pair of glasses. The size of your head, the shape of your face should dictate a suitable pair of frames. I never have an ‘aha‘ moment in front of the mirror. It takes a dispassionate third-party to look at me and say something like, ‘Oh, those are the ones, those really suit you‘, before I believe it.

In about another twelve years I’ll be looking at photos of some guy with no hair still wearing these new glasses. And it’ll be me.


2 Responses to “Through a Lens Darkly”

  1. From Mi. in the States .
    We’re Canadian TV converts , Dave . As bad as yours TV is , it’s better than ours . We first caught you and Simi , with your blather , about six years ago . Damn we miss you two .
    I’m 85 , old enough to be your Pappy , but young enough to enjoy each and every word you put out .
    If ever there is a chance that you and Simi (either one of you) are ever into a public broadcast forum again , would you at least let all of us know about it ?
    In the meantime , I’ll try to catch you here .
    This is my first attempt at being involved in a blog thing . I hope I did it right ?

    The Carolina woods thing was almost like a Mark Twain essay . Just beautiful .

    Sigh . . . . . . . .


    • Hi Stan. There are a lot of Americans who seem to prefer the Canadian approach to broadcasting. Some of them say it seems more ‘balanced’..whatever that means. Simi and I are currently working for a Canadian telecommunications company that is a new cable provider in Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton. Tasha Chiu (you must remember Tasha from Vancouver’s BT show!) is also working for the same company. Currently, the only way to see us all together, in the community programming service, is if you get your cable from these folks.
      We’ll see how this develops. In the meantime I certainly appreciate the fact that you took the time to write and that you liked what you saw.

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