Questions and Answers

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Joseph Planta, the blogger/interviewer/raconteur  from, called me up the other day to have a chat. He’s a very courteous gentleman who seems to have talked to a lot of people.  There was a little song , a little dance, a little seltzer down your pants, as Chuckles the Clown might say….and a chance to reminisce about some broadcast days gone by.

Take a listen, if you like, at :


4 Responses to “Questions and Answers”

  1. Hey Dave… it was so nice to hear your voice again! I loved listening to this interview. Wish I could see your new show!!

  2. Hey Dave, Although my wife and I live on the dusty windblown plains nestled snugly between Ontario to the east and the gap to the west we found despite the geological displacement that our hearts have always been in Vancouver. We both spend a few weeks every summer there soaking up the rain and beautiful vistas,I must say that when you and Simi were hosting BT and my wife and I watched you two every morning from Winnipeg..the draw to the magical city was even stronger.We really miss you both and wish the very best in what ever endeavors you seek.
    Just came across your blog today and thus far we are enjoying it very much.

    Be Well, David and Bonnie McLeod

    • Thanks so much David and Bonnie. I passed your well wishes along to Simi. We were a very small show but we seemed to have reached some distant places.

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