Mom Always Liked You Best

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Get this. I’m power-washing the patio today and suddenly I start thinking about the Smothers Brothers. Can you find any correlation here?  Me neither. This is where your mind can go if you don’t keep it on a short leash. I haven’t thought about the Smothers Brothers since I was about twelve years old. At that time I was a huge fan. Those early Smothers Brothers albums are still stacked in a box somewhere in our furnace room but I haven’t listened to one in close to forty years. I could quote the SB routines word for word when I was a kid. I thought they were a riot. I distinctly remember impressing a very pretty girl who sat in front of me in grade seven with the authenticity of my Tommy Smothers stammer. But why this surfaced today during routine backyard maintenance is a mystery. I swear, I went through the entire pet chicken bit in my mind and I’ll bet I had it damn near letter-perfect. How much other stuff is boxed up in a corner of my cerebellum just waiting to pop out? That Gilligan’s Island theme is in there somewhere along with the lyrics to Petticoat Junction. No wonder I can’t remember my newest PIN number.


2 Responses to “Mom Always Liked You Best”

  1. Is it bad if I can totally identify with this? My wife looks at me strangely when I recite pieces from funny films or comedians. Perhaps the justification is that it’s just keeping your mind active while doing menial chores! Better to have a full slate instead of an empty cauldron 🙂

  2. I was a fan of the Smother Brothers as well. Time to catch up with your blog. Been out of commission due to two cataract surgeries. I can read to my heart’s content without glasses. Missed reading your blogs!

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