Answer Your Damn Email!

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There is nothing that frustrates me more than people who do not respond in a timely fashion to an email. Nothing.

And by ‘timely’ I mean pretty much instantly. Is that unrealistic? Of course it is because there are a hundred reasons why people don’t get back to you. They may not know who you are. They may not care. They may be getting so many emails that yours simply slides ever further down the daily queue. Or they may be one of those people who checks their email once every full moon. Gawd, those people, in particular, drive me crazy!

The thing that really gets to me though is that many times it is they who have contacted me. And I am a lightning quick email responder. I treat an email exactly like a conversation. If someone is sitting across the table from me and asks a question, I answer them. That’s what an email is to me. It’s a dialogue with some degree of urgency. I feel compelled to respond and unwarranted delay is not an option.

I think email correspondences should be governed by the same rules as a professional chess match. You make a move..and then hit the button on a clock..and the other party has a certain amount of time to make their move. If they fail, they lose, you can feel completely justified in writing them off.

Amazing isn’t it, that all of this technology which allows so-called instant communication hasn’t made some people better communicators. These are the same people who can never give you a straight answer or keep commitments or even try to be on time. Giving them access to a computer has only magnified their faults.

Just be aware that if you write me, I’ll write back..and then, brother, the clock is ticking.


6 Responses to “Answer Your Damn Email!”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the frustration of waiting for a reply. But along the same lines, I check your blog several times a day to see what interesting tidbits you come up with. Sometimes you leave me hanging for 10 days or so before the next post. You have me addicted and I’m not sure I can wait that long for a fix again. Just kidding, keep up the excellent entertainment. You know someone had to complain eh?

    • Tis true Dan . I have been neglecting the blog of late. Sometimes, though, you hit a bit of a dry spell. It happens to every writer. But it comes back and then you can write with a fury because you’ve found something that generates enthusiasm. And then it just pours out.

  2. This is one sore spot with this modern technology, slow responses to emails. I can totally relate as I am sure many others have this same problem. I, too, go into withdrawals when your blogs don’t appear as often. Artists go through dry spells as well.

  3. Mike Hutchison Says:

    My personal favorite: people that email you with various demands, etc. then don’t bother replying when you complete the request, or request more information. VPs and Directors are famous for this, the instant something’s perceived to be wrong they’re all over you but if you need something from them, nosiree Bob. Courtesy is a mutual requirement, people 🙂

    • Here’s what I don’t get. Whose job is it to finish an email conversation? If I ask someone for something..and they email me the information..don’t I owe them a thank you? I know a lot of people who think that should be the end of the dialogue. But I always want to write them a thank you email. Isn’t that just good manners? Plus, it lets them know that I got what they sent.

      • Mike Hutchison Says:

        Exactly… just good manners. I was brought to always say thank you, please, and you’re welcome (along with holding the door for others, etc). Manners and politeness go a long way, sometimes they seem like a lost art or something. 🙂

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