Day of the Iguana

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I was working in the garden today. Let me write that again. I was working in the garden today.The mere fact that I can make this statement at the end of January reaffirms why I moved here in the first place. Think of it: gardening in January. There are the beginnings of buds on the roses. The sage I planted last spring is still going strong. Mint leaves are beginning to appear. How long will it be before I’m gleefully muddling them into the bottom of a mojito glass?

I have a friend in Calgary who, I swear, gets a gardening season that lasts about as long as it takes her to walk from the front of the house to the back. That’s it. Pitiful.

To tell the truth, there really isn’t that much to do in a garden in January, but I don’t care. I ambled about with some pruners in my hand, made the occasional snip here and there and just let sun play across my face. I felt like an iguana trying to recharge his solar battery. The fact is that the Winter Olympics are coming to a place that is cusping on an early spring….a place where you can walk into your backyard in January and actually work in the garden.

If that puts a cramp in the snowboarding..tough luck!

This lizard likes his heat.


2 Responses to “Day of the Iguana”

  1. Jocelyn Laidlaw Says:

    Ahh yes Dave…you are spot on about Calgary’s absurdly short gardening season! A couple of years ago, on a trip home to Vancouver, I ordered $200 worth of spectacular tulip bulbs. I patiently waited for the bulbs to be shipped to Calgary just in time for Fall planting (normally late Sept. to Oct.). But before the bulbs could even arrived we got a summer blast of snow! Nevertheless, I was determined and spent hours planting them in the front garden, as it gets the most sunshine. Fast forward to the following Spring and I waited for the bulbs to appear. …and waited….and waited. They finally popped up their pathetic little heads in late June. In the end, the 24-36″ giant tulips I planted sprouted to a modest 4-6″. They were spindly and sad. I learned my lesson. This ain’t Vancouver baby!
    I look forward to mojitos in your backyard soon Dave.

  2. Dave,
    Envy, envy, envy. Not jealousy, but envy.. there’s a difference. Envy is less, well, immature I think! haha.
    It does drive me crazy that we are getting an up-to-the-minute no snow weather report re: Olympics. I mean, of course there’s no snow! Surely they made accommodations for that. I swear, sometimes the media drives me crazy. But don’t tell anyone I said that, that’s like biting the hand that feeds me!
    I’m so happy you can garden in January!

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