Your Nose Knows

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It’s easy to pick on television commercials. Occasionally you’ll see one that’s brilliant but we all know that the bad ones really stink. It has been forever thus. Speaking of things that stink, the current commercial that truly befuddles my sensibilities is the one for the air freshener that promises something only slightly less satisfying than orgasm if you spray it about the house.

I’ve seen it a hundred times and I always laugh.

In this ad, we see a  woman in the throws of being gleefully useful. She anoints the carpets, the pillows and the laundry hampers..anywhere an evil funk may reside. She chases after the dog and confronts a odoriferous teenager. She’s like Tinkerbell with a magic cure-all in a pump-action bottle.

What she’s not, of course, is someone with the slightest concept of domestic hygiene. The air freshener (or odour blocker) is her alternative to washing clothes, shampooing a carpet, or taking out the garbage.

Let’s face it, she’s a slob in capri pants.

How bad does it have to get in this woman’s home before she tackles the root of the problem? How many dirty socks?  How much dog hair on the couch ? You get the feeling that if someone suddenly died in her guest bedroom she’d be perfectly happy spritzing for a few days before she called the Coroner. Norman Bates could have used a bottle of this stuff.

By the way, if you did that same commercial but used a man..some guy in an undershirt and sweatpants… no one would take the product seriously. They’d say to themselves, ‘ Well, naturally, that’s what a guy would do ‘. You have to use a woman, the iconic queen of clean, to make the case that blocking a bad smell is a viable option to getting rid of the source. It’s reverse sexism and it insults my intelligence.

I’ll bet they sell it by the boatload.


4 Responses to “Your Nose Knows”

  1. Mike Hutchison Says:

    Speaking of which, I love the commercial for a certain freshener where the “typical man” can’t figure out how the motion-activated air freshener works. Yep, he has all the typical things in his life but somehow a rudimentary air freshener is beyond his comprehension, implying that a typical man is incapable of anything close to domestic cleanliness.

    In fact, most if not all domestic cleanliness products show women being the only individuals capable of cleaning. Go figure.

    I would bet that if commercials aired implying that women are incapable of maintaining a vehicle or doing repairs around the house, there would be a shitstorm of complaints. No double-standard there, huh? 😉

    • Don’t get me started on the dumbing down of the male image which has been a standard (and cheap) comic ploy since the beginning of time.
      There were certain tv shows like ‘Married with Children’ which I simply could not watch.
      ‘Course women will tell you that the dumb blonde thing has been a yoke around their collective necks for a long time too.

  2. Hey Dave. I was wondering how that Bacon Infused Vodka turned out when you and Simi were experimenting….I know it was quite a while ago, but for some reason I was reminiscing about the good ol’ days. I never did get to see the final product.

    • Hi Michelle,
      Unfortunately the bacon-infused vodka was a bit of a dud. We left the bacon in the booze long enough that it came to resemble a jar from a pathology lab but I did not detect much bacon flavour. Far better, I guess, to fry the bacon and wash it down with the booze.

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