Deja View

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I just watched a television program because it was offered in high definition. Understand, I watched it strictly because it was in high definition…that, and I wanted to see if Courteney Cox has had plastic surgery.

It’s a new television, our first of the LCD slim-line ilk. My wife and I tend to be pathetically behind the technology curve and, frankly, I’ve always preferred it that way. I make no apologies.

Watching a show simply to see what it looks like hasn’t happened to me since I was ten years old when my father brought home our first colour television. This kind of talk is the surest way to sound like an old fogey, but, what the hell.

That first colour television experience was life-altering, particularly for an imaginative ten year old. There were no remotes (old fogey, remember) so I sat about six inches from the screen and cranked the chroma levels up until they positively buzzed.

I would rush home from school and put the set on NBC just to watch the peacock unfurl. That was a big thrill in 1963. I would also watch the Wonderful World of Disney because Tinkerbell’s wand would produce glorious full-colour bursts during the animated opening of the show.

And tonight I came as close, I suppose, as a jaded, world weary individual can get to reliving some of that experience.

The high definition was rather startling. People say once you’ve seen it you can never go back. It was good but I don’t think it quite measured up to that transition, all those years ago,  from black and white to colour. I didn’t really expect it to.

I also watched a rerun of Late Night with David Letterman so I could see what Penelope Cruz looks like in HD.

She has a freckle on her left shin.


2 Responses to “Deja View”

  1. Johnny Michel Says:

    Wow! What’s next? A cell phone perhaps?

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