Shopping for Air

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I found myself in a very curious consumer mode this weekend. I was comparison shopping for air.

I needed air in one of the back tires of my car and made sure I had fifty cents in my pocket before I hit the road.

Free air is pretty much a thing of the past, I know that, but imagine my surprise when I rolled into the nearest gas station, backed up to the air hose and saw that the price of air had doubled. Air was going to cost me a dollar.

A buck for air!

I pretty much tore the car apart trying to find some extra change. There was none. I couldn’t afford the air. That’s never happened to me before.

Comedian Louie Anderson, whom I had just seen in Las Vegas, has a line in his act about his father’s warning that someday “they’ll be chargin’ us for the water“. Same thing with air.

I know that the air stations are frequently vandalized and there’s electricity needed to run the compressor but come on….a buck for air? My tire wasn’t flat so I had time to drive around and look for an air sale. Ridiculous. And cheap, I know, but there’s a principle here.

I’m sure I’m getting the same amount of time on the air pump as I did before. It’s not better quality air. It’s not twice as good so why are they charging twice the price?

For a buck I’m going to want to inflate damn near everything I own that’s inflatable. Next time I’ll be loading up the car with party balloons, air mattresses and bicycle tubes. Rest assured if I owned one of those dolls, I’d be toppin’ her up too.


6 Responses to “Shopping for Air”

  1. Good Morning Dave,
    I bought my tires at Costco 1 1/2 years ago and have them checked every three months FOR FREE air included!!!!! I did alot of research before I bought the tires and they were the best deal I could find.

  2. Imagine that paying for air. Here in Comox Valley, it is still free. SSSH don’t tell anyone. :-))

  3. Thanks for the laughs Dave!
    So glad I found your blog – you alway make me laugh!

  4. Here you are Dave,and you will be the hero of your neighbour hood with this little baby.

    Canadian Tire
    Compact Compressor
    Product #09-5080-0
    See more Air Pumps & Compressors or compare Reg. $14.99

  5. You know, I’ve never had to pay for air yet. When I go in with my quarters, the clerks always tells me to just go ahead….

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