Keep your Meatloaf Under Wraps

More than just meatloaf

I’m making meatloaf tonight. There may be more meatloaf recipes on the internet than any other culinary concoction.

You can basically make meatloaf out of an egg, an old piece of toast and a teaspoon of ketchup.

Making meatloaf always reminds me of the time I reported on a national convention of home economics teachers (what’s it called, Lifestyle Studies..or I thought it would be cute if I walked in there with a meatloaf and had the teachers give me a grade. Boy, was I wrong. Turns out it wasn’t cute, or novel or even workable in the end because the mere sight of meatloaf created a truly ugly scene.

What the hell did I mean by bringing such a tired gastronomic cliche into the midst of such modern day, progressive professionals?

They wanted to tear me limb from limb. Even the cameraman got into an argument. I had touched some kind of dangling ganglia within the group. Clearly, they were far more than the sum of their collective meatloaves. The only other time I had incited such vitriol was when I dared to criticize the creative vision at a hair styling competition.  That’s another touchy group.

Some people.


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