That Song on your Lips

That Song on your LipsI am sitting at the computer writing this while my wife is preparing dinner in the adjacent kitchen. She is softly singing a song to herself as she works and it happens to be The Wayward Wind. What does this mean? Anything?  There are people who will tell you what your dreams signify. There must be someone who can interpret the songs that seem to burst lyrically from your subconscious. But…..The Wayward Wind ?

I’ll assume she’s feeling alright. People seldom sing when they’re down. The most disturbing example of spontaneous song to ever emerge from her lips was while she was being wheeled into an operating room for the delivery of our first child. She had been in labour for twenty-four hours and was shot with enough anesthetic to drop an elephant. In her delirium she selected a hymn.

Lately, I have been whistling several songs from the famed musical Camelot , but only because I am reading a biography on Richard Burton, who starred as King Arthur in two Broadway productions. You understand, I know where those tunes are coming from.

The Wayward Wind, though, is a puzzlement. It is a country song written by Stan Lebowski and Herb Newman. If I asked Angie right now to tell me who either Stan Lebowski or Herb Newman were she wouldn’t have a clue what I’m talking about. She also wouldn’t know that the song she is trilling was a smash hit in 1956 for a woman named Gogi Grant. Patsy Cline did a good job with it too. If I offered Angie a million dollars…literally, a million dollars… to identify Gogi Grant , she would fail. So the song is stuck in her head based purely on its infectious melodic merits.

a wayward wind

some wayward wind

Perhaps she is feeling wayward. That would be completely out of character..but, hey,  you never know. Perhaps she is feeling restless. Wayward and restless?  That’s not a good combination for a married woman. There’s a song in Camelot called , ‘ How to Handle a Woman ‘. I’d better give those lyrics a closer look.


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