The Annual Migration

The Annual Migration

Birds of a feather sleep together

The annual migration has begun here in the Gerry home. This is a phenomenon that didn’t exist for the first 25 years of marriage but now is as sure a sign of Winter as frost on the proverbial pumpkin.

The antique bed 010

The antique double

My wife and I slept in a double bed for most our lives together. I know, it seems positively symbiotic, doesn’t it ? But it was an antique bed (for which he had to have a custom mattress manufactured) and we were very attached to it. Sleeping in a double bed means you sleep as one. You shift as a unit. There is no room for the splayer. Two people must become a humanoid  jigsaw puzzle.

A couple of years ago we made the big move to a king size bed. It was like suddenly sleeping in the middle of a football field. There was room to roll and stretch and strike all four compass points simultaneously. This is was when I began to notice the annual migration.

I always go to bed first, perhaps an hour or more before The Frau. The king bed is so big (with such a firm mattress) that when she does call it a night she could hit her side with a reverse one and half somersault with three and a half twists and I wouldn’t feel a thing.

But now that the weather has turned nippy she is migrating to my side. She comes for the warmth. It’s too cool way over there on her hinterland. So she seeks the radiance of my being, much like a reptile in the sun, I suppose. Understand, it’s not heat she’s after. Heat is something altogether different and you get no information about that here.

Once she finds the warmth , she stays. I wake up in the middle of the night and she’s still there. This is exactly like sleeping in the double bed again! I’ve lost all of my turf. I’m not complaining, merely making an observation. I like being cosy as much as the next person..except that, in this case, the next person has staked a claim where once there was a wide open field of dreams.

When I mention this she says, ‘Well, just shove me over to my side‘. Uh huh. Sure. I’m not about to do that.

No man should reject the presence of a soft, feminine, receptive and adjacent life form in favour of sleep.

That’s not a natural trade.


4 Responses to “The Annual Migration”

  1. Carla Maria Lucchetta Says:

    I love this post. You ended it exactly as I knew you would. Men like you are rare.

  2. Dave, I miss seeing you in the morning….I know it’s been awhile since you’ve been on morning T.V., but I think I speak for many. At least we have this blog of yours!


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