Another Year , Another Sex Show

Furry handcuffs

The Vancouver  ‘ Naughty but Nice Sex Show ‘ was held this past weekend at the downtown convention centre.

This was the ninth annual sextravanagnza which tours the country hitting eight of the larger Canadian cities.

Must be a breeze to promote in Regina, if for the rhyming factor alone. Sorry.

I was sent to a number of these feasts for the sensual senses as a reporter and I have to be honest, after a while it’s a bit of a bore. It certainly challenges your television production skills because there’s only so much paraphernalia you can show on the six o’clock news.

The sex show features just about everything you think other people use when they’re having sex but you’d never use yourself. Truth be told, I suppose, the vast majority of people are not being nearly this creative.

Oh, you might light a candle , put on a little music or eat a strawberry but I don’t see a lot of these unguents and appliances going mainstream. If I broke out a fraction of the stuff I’ve seen at these shows I would not be able to get my wife up off the floor for the ensuing fits of hilarity. ( I don’t need any help getting laughs in bed, thanks.)

A tad too nippley

A tad too nippley?

The last time I covered the Sex Show I made a pledge that it would, indeed , be the last time I would cover the sex show. I had already hiked all over the city’s sexual landscape. I felt like we’d done it all…from the story of the local jeans retailer who was flogging a one inch the merchant who had used an angle grinder to flatten his mannequin nipples. I just wanted to put the Sex Show to bed.

So I asked about twenty of the people manning the merchandise booths to fake an orgasm on camera. I was going to take all of those oohs and ahhs and groans and screams (even a couple of ‘Yeahs!’ ) and edit them all together into one big earth-shattering climax.

People certainly responded. I was a bit stunned at their enthusiasm. I don’t know if it was the novelty of the request or the pheromones in the air but we had to adjust the audio levels because they were pinning the microphone. Wow !

That day I sensed no repression in Canadian sexual sensibilities. With some folks, apparently, all you have to do is ask.


2 Responses to “Another Year , Another Sex Show”

  1. Carla Maria Lucchetta Says:

    What’s the adage? If you talk alot about sex it means you’re not having much of it? Maybe that’s why they were so enthusiastic with the simulated orgasms. Only a theory…

  2. Mike Hutchison Says:

    “Must be a breeze to promote in Regina, if for the rhyming factor alone. Sorry.”

    Oooh, good one!

    Do you think they’ll hit Dildo, Newfoundland at some point? 😉

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