Wherefore art thou Simi

Simi Sara

Simi Sara

One of the interesting things about working on a publishing platform like WordPress is that you can get a minute by minute statistical breakdown of how many people are reading what you write and how they may have found you.

That is why I know a lot of you have landed here after putting my extremely good friend Simi Sara’s name into a search engine.

Some of you know that Simi and I were teamed on a Vancouver television morning show for a few years. When that ended she began a new stint on a local talk radio station. She was doing a good job there, although I don’t think initially she thought she was cut out for radio. At least she didn’t have to struggle putting false eyelashes on as I witnessed in the makeup room every morning on tv.

This week her radio station, without warning (because, folks, there is never a warning…read The Devil on Your Shoulder, way back on this blog) flipped its format from talk..to all sports. Simi wasn’t even in town when it all went down.

Ours is not to reason why…for tis always a matter of money. The really unsavoury part is that loyal listeners and viewers never get a heads up on these kinds of things. And that is why I’m writing about it here.

Simi shall rise like a mocha phoenix from the ashes, as she has done before. She is an extremely intelligent, attractive and motivated woman. You ain’t gonna keep her down long.

The two of us have been working on getting back together in broadcasting for months. And, I believe, we are close. If and when it happens you will read about it here first. In the meantime, I’ll take the liberty of thanking you for listening, on her behalf.



20 Responses to “Wherefore art thou Simi”

  1. My husband and I were stunned yesterday when we turned on the radio in the morning and……sports??? And believe me we are not the sports types. We loved listening to Simi in the morning and will really miss her. The rest of the talk crew will be missed to. Is there any way to find out where they will fetch up?

    Good luck to you and Simi (a great team). Hope you are on the air together soon.

    • Thanks, Anna. I’m sure all of the on-air talent at that station are wondering themselves just where they’ll land. Broadcasting is a wasteland of opportunity in the current climate. There are a couple of interesting industry-related blogs out there that teem with hot tips and gossip on the whereabouts of local radio and television ‘personalities’. Try checking out Puget Sound Radio and Northwest Broadcasters for a good start.

  2. Mike Hutchison Says:

    Gaah! I was wondering about Simi, I just heard about the switch in format today. Wishing her (and the others) well, and hope that somewhere somebody gets a clue about what and who people really want to hear/see. Maybe CHEK TV here in Victoria would be a possibility now that they’ve come out from underneath the corporate trappings..? How about the “Dave and Simi Independent TV” show… streaming webcast on the ‘net 🙂

  3. I too thought that I had hit the wrong button on my car radio yesterday a.m. I liked being part of the talk shows and putting in my two cents, sometimes rather loudly my daughter would tell me. Other drivers would just see a “mad woman” animatedly talking to herself! But I will miss them all on my way to and from work. Sports? I hunted high and low for a husband that hates listening and watching tv sports! I have already cancelled the pre-programmed button in my car. Take that!
    Good luck to you and Simi in your future partnership and keep us posted where to find you.

  4. Hi Dave, I am so disapointed at the way cFun does this stuff. Will wait and see would love to hear you and Simi on a talk show.
    Sure won’t be listening to sports. Don’t we already have a sports only station.
    Look forward to hearing if you and Simi and the other good folks at Cfun talk radio show up on another station.
    I have a friend who used to be on another radio station and the same thing happend to him. So sad.

  5. Christina Says:

    I was shocked and SO disappointed to hear my favourite talk radio was gone..I went home to complain to my husband who is also a fan of Dave & Simi .. I listened to 1410 all day at work.. and was so enjoying listening to Simi’s show..
    Best wishes to her and the rest of the hosts of daytime 1410..they will be missed.
    I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that You and Simi define your own program again.. Your fans are waiting.

  6. Hi Dave. I knew I could count on you for a comment. The last time I was this upset with a local station was when you and Simi left BT. I still don’t watch Breakfast Television, and even my daughters, aged 8 and 11, refuse to put it on in the morning! Whenever I filled out the questionnaires that TALK 1410 sent me I ALWAYS requested both YOU and Simi. Well, we got Simi for a while . . . I look forward to seeing/hearing you two working together again-it was wonderful to hear you both on the radio when you were talking about your blog. Anyway, best wishes to you both. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

  7. I was so stunned about this news myself, what a shocker. I love both of you guys and I honestly hope and pray on both knees that you both come back to tv together be it anything y’all do! You two are dynamite together when it comes to anything savvy about news and entertainment! Check out my facebook group called the Simi Sara Fan Club! You may have to copy and paste this link.


  8. I was So disappointed and frustrated with this change. I kept hitting the presets on my car stero thinking someone had changed the settings only to find sports!! Yuk! I listened to Simi (and loved her comments and opinions) as I drove my child to and from school and had the station on at work as well so I could listen to the rest of the crew. I’m not sure what I’ll do no but I can tell you it won’t be sports!! Their total disregard for their listening public astounds me. First Breakfast Television and now this – what has the world come to!!

  9. Carla Maria Lucchetta Says:

    Sad state of media today.
    Best of luck on getting back together again.

  10. I was right, they didn’t have the guts to do anything but read a prepared letter and publish said letter on the web page. Blocking all other access.
    How sad……. Best of luck to all. I hope that you appear on the radio dials again soon.

  11. Count me in as soon as you team up again!!

  12. Hey Dave

    I was a big fan of BT when you and Simi were on, watched it before work. I watch LT alot adore Kyle he is a sweetie , him and Michel.
    Kyle gave me this link I asked where you guys went to. You both suddenly disappeared. So sad! I tried emailing the station but nobody replied to me. Gave up after many attempts, then Kyle came to my rescue.
    Would love to see you both team up again and give us joy… I also have a blog , they sure are great to do and interact with others. Check my site out. Cheers

  13. Just to let you all know (mostly you Dave, so you can tell Simi this) I have created a fan facebook page in honour of her and hope to get lots of ppl to join, with your help I could…who knows, maybe one day I will get to meet her! Or better yet get her to answer questions for the fb group!


  14. Pam Lushington Says:

    I moved from Vancouver to Hamilton Ontario 3 1/2 years ago but due to the wonders of Satellite TV I was able to keep watching BT daily. I was shocked, angered and dismayed when you and Simi disappeared . The retooled version of BT was a pathetic replacement that I stopped watching after 2 shows. I recently found your BLOG but I do miss the banter and chemistry that you have with Simi. I am sorry to hear that she has had to endure another sudden dismissal. I see that you have mentioned that you may be appearing on television together again – I hope it will be on a channel that I can view through satellite TV.

  15. My husband and I were shocked as well with the loss of you and Simi and like many others, refuse to watch BT any longer. If anyone puts it on by mistake, they are loudly admonished and I change the channel. Same now for 1410. Their lack of regard for their employees and lack of knowledge of their fans makes me hope they quickly suffer the fate of bankruptcy. Who in their right mind would listen to sports all day long? I’ll watch for a book from you Dave. It would make a wonderful read if your blog is anything like it. Keep it up.

  16. I very much hope to see you & Simi working on the boob tube again! Breakfast T.V. is NOT the same and I hardly watch anymore. The new crew is seriously lacking…

  17. I saw your website when I was looking for something entirely different, but this page was on the first page of Google your site must be so popular! Continue the good work!

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