I’m feeling Amish

broken tv

An empty experience

My television just died. Given how much I’ve been complaining about tv on this blog,  this may not be a bad thing.

There is no picture, no sound. There is a tiny red light that blinks at me four times. It’s trying to tell me something.

I don’t think the blinking light will hold my interest for long, although I’d rather watch that than Kate Gosselin for an hour.

I had to get at the back of the television to find the serial number for the repair company. This is a ten year old television (made in Mexico, it says) that must weigh 80 pounds. I almost blew out my teflon hernia patch wrestling it from the cabinet. Hotel liquidators have warehouses full of televisions like this and they will sell you one for about $25.  It will cost me $85 dollars to get the repairman to the house.

The Frau does not know if she can make it through the evening without watching ‘ The Idiot Hour ‘ which begins, as you know,  with Entertainment Tonight. She has requested that I rummage an antiquated 20 inch set out of the rumpus room.

This will feel like camping. We should put the fireplace on and toast marshmallows.

Remember the feeling you had as a child when the power would go out? Everyone scurried around lighting candles, you had to improvise a heat source to cook dinner (or have a sandwich), and then you flipped open a good book or sat down to a board game. The lack of modern convenience broke the routine. Everyone survived beautifully.

This is the somewhat the same feeling I’m experiencing now that the tv has died.

Who’s for a game of Risk?


5 Responses to “I’m feeling Amish”

  1. Mike Hutchison Says:

    Risk… yes indeed! I even have one of the “old” Risk games, with *wooden* cubes & rectangles to represent the armies… not like the plastic stuff nowadays.

    Hmm, maybe our household should institute an ‘Amish night’ each week.

    • When I was a young buck, unburdened and carefree in my 20’s, a group of used to get together frequently to play Risk.
      It’s still happening today. ‘Course I’m sure the game is constantly interrupted by cellphone calls and texting. Nevertheless, there is something comforting in the fact that 20 year olds are still gathering around the venerable board.

  2. dannyplainview Says:

    Im always down for a good ol game of Risk, Its the game of world domination (being played by two guys that can barely run their own lives). However, have you ever considered, and this may be kinda “out there”, but…. purchasing a NEW TELEVISION???

  3. My husband has two Risk games. He has been trying to find some folks to play with him.

    Tell your wife she can watch her favorite programs on the internet.

    We don’t have cable, use the antenna, Global and Chektv. That is all we want anyway.

    Hope you can get your television fixed.

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