Forget the Flu, I’ve got another Code

human brain

Which lobe holds your codes?

Not another PIN, please !

A renewed credit card came the other day…and with it..another PIN to remember.

I have no more room in my brain for PINS, passwords, ciphers, codes, cryptographs and hieroglyphs. I don’t know which lobe in there is responsible for holding this inventory..but I’m maxed out.

Soviet spies, during the height of the Cold War, were never burdened with this much protocol.

Passwords only work if you use them constantly, when their very formulation is reinforced. If you go to Mexico for a month and pickle a few million brain cells you may irretrievably damage your CRC or code recall capability.


One code from crisis

I’m ready for some kind of scan and I don’t give a damn about Big Brother. I’m willing to sacrifice individual human liberty for the simplicity of sticking my thumb in front of a laser. You want to put a chip in me? Just show me where.

Look deep into my eyes and you will not only see beautifully distinct retinas but the disturbed psyche of a man who is four digits from drooling.

Listen, we have an ageing population. Does it make sense to base future security on one’s capacity to remember.. anything?

I didn’t think so.


2 Responses to “Forget the Flu, I’ve got another Code”

  1. Absolutely! I want a chip that remembers all of my pins AND knows where my car keys are!

  2. Dave:
    Just a short note to let you know I am still reading your Tapa ramblings and loving them!


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