Oh, the Horror

High Definition / Low Expectation

TV's new low

I just had the uncomfortable experience of watching what may be the worst reality television show ever created. Given the current sorry state of broadcasting..that’s saying something.

The show was about a man who owns a company that moves large objects, specifically buildings…and that would have been fine if they had stopped there. I’ d be quite interested in how you shore up a big brick structure, put it on wheels and dolly it down the street.

But this was not good enough for the producers. They introduced us to the man’s family and, quite frankly, these are not the people with whom I would like to spend much time. In fact, I don’t think I could survive a brief elevator trip with these folks.What makes the producers think that I want to waste my time watching dull people do dull things? You wanna move a house, I’ll watch. You wanna make pancakes or argue with your wife on a Sunday morning, I’ll pass.

This is the way it is in television. I could never warm up to the Jon and Kate show either (although my wife watched) because it seemed to largely consist of eight continually screaming children. If I want to bathe in the eternal pleasure of eight screaming children I’ll go down to the playground and steal somebody’s ball.

It used to be special to be on television. Now, anyone can be on television.  Just because you are on television does not necessarily make you interesting. I know reality television is cheap to produce and can yield big dividends but this unending cascade of banality is wearing me down.

There is also a very disturbing trend to exploit people with serious physical problems. I know this is a sensitive subject that is about sensitive subjects . But, if it isn’t already obvious, television is fast becoming a good old-fashioned carnival sideshow. I thought it was pathetic to pay fifty cents to gawk at people in a tent when I was a kid and it’s still more than a little shameful to sit there from the comfort of an easy chair and watch them as an adult. The producers will counter that everyone’s story deserves to be told.  That’s a very shallow line of reasoning. Dignity and privacy are the first victims of a medium that is selling out by the second.

When it’s good television can be very good. When it’s bad…it’s the worst.


4 Responses to “Oh, the Horror”

  1. I could not agree more with you! I am personally SO glad to have NOT subjected myself to yet another mind numbing reality show. I am however, very glad to have googled your name and find your blog! Nothing like honesty! I look forward to reading more.

  2. I agree with you about reality television. A lot of it is pure rubbish. I prefer to watch DVD’s most times, at least we don’t get subjected to the commercials that seem to be more of and less of the program. I am enjoying your blogs, by the way!

  3. Stuart Smith Says:

    I agree. I’m also disgusted by shows that depict the latest bunch of winners and losers. Almost like they are dumbing us down and softening us up to accept the concept of losing in every area of our lives. Anyway I’m glad I found your blog. Always liked your sense of humour.

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