The Frugal Frau Recycles

How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

Garbage is no longer a quick trip to the curb. If you’re doing it right you spend half a day sorting and grading and separating and breaking down greater units into their constituent parts. When did garbage get to be so much work? I have half a dozen different types of containers at the end of the driveway, each of them picked up by a different truck. We’ve managed to boutique our trash.

But this week’s tip from the Frugal Frau is about making good use of something that really shouldn’t be thrown away.

For years the Frau has saved every empty egg carton and every spent toilet paper roll. There are big bags of these things in our home.

All grist for the creative mill

All grist for the creative mill

And when she has enough, when she’s reached some sort of critical mass, she calls the local elementary school and away it all goes.

Teachers are thrilled to get this material because it can be used in all kinds of classroom craft projects by younger kids.

That’s just the way the Frugal Frau thinks.  Me?  I take one look at that huge bag full of cardboard rolls and wonder how much of my life has been spent on the john.


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