And Now for Something Completely Familiar

[picapp src=”b/7/6/a/TVMONTYPYTHON_3aa1.JPG?adImageId=6629317&imageId=6814867″ width=”500″ height=”362″ /]

If you’re a fan of Monty Python you already know that the boys (and let’s not forget Carol Cleveland!) are celebrating their fortieth anniversary this year. You may have also caught a great documentary on the formation of the legendary British comedy troupe which ran on Bravo! this week.

Forty years? Wow. I still remember filing into a university lecture hall with a couple of thousand other students to watch And Now for Something Completely Different, which (to our immense delight) , proved to be exactly as billed.

And then it just exploded. Python was everywhere. I liked it though it was often a tad oblique for me. But we all had friends who obsessed about all thing Pythonesque, didn’t we?  These were the people who could quote chapter and verse from every sketch usually to the chagrin of everyone within earshot.

If you got a couple of these zealots (with their bad English accents)  in the same room and the same time it was enough to drive you mad.

Here’s a shot of the group (minus Graham Chapman who died 20 years ago )  just last month in New York for a screening of the doc entitled ‘ Monty Python : Almost the Truth- The Lawyer’s Cut ‘.

[picapp src=”9/f/d/7/IFC__BAFTA_0a75.JPG?adImageId=6631329&imageId=6820966″ width=”500″ height=”346″ /]


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