Cream of the Crop

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Cream of Wheat was started on this day in 1893 in Grand Forks, North Dakota.

I’m not sure if this was the first day it was sold or the anniversary of the invention but it has a long and proud history and if you’re hungry for further knowledge you can check it out at the following link:

Cream of  Wheat is one of those products that divide a population. It can actually split households. I have always loved the stuff. Angie simply turns up her nose. We’re getting into hot cereal weather now (at least in our corner of creation) and it’s funny how we all choose up sides. I prefer something like Cream of Wheat because it’s smooth and soothing. I have a friend who daily chows down on some of that seven (or eight or eleven) grain cereal, which to my palate is like masticating a plate of road gravel.

Hot cereal on a cold morning  just seems to make sense, though it’s a staple no matter the season. When I was a kid, and attended summer camp, a big steaming bowl of porridge was there to start every day. I could not put enough brown sugar in there to make it palatable. I’m sure they were using the same stuff to patch our canoes, but it was rib-sticking and at least kept you going till lunch.

A company called B&G Foods makes Cream of Wheat now and I had no idea it came in so many variations.

They seem to have developed a cooking time to suit every temperament. If you’re a slow simmerer there’s the 10 minute style. If you’re a little pressed for time you can buy the 2 1/2 minute stuff. The attention-deficit folks can grab a one-minute packet and, of course, everyone can save precious seconds on all of these in a microwave.

There are lots of flavours too.  Maple sugar, Apples and Cinnamon, Cinnamon Swirl, Strawberries and Cream.

I like the basics. Just give me a bowl (take the full 10 minutes if you like), with a small pat of butter, a tablespoon of brown sugar and a good glug of milk. After 116 bad could it be?


4 Responses to “Cream of the Crop”

  1. My son loves this stuff and he is so picky with eating so I am so happy he loves this and it is so easy to make. Growing up with this myself and now he likes this, it is amazing! My son even says it isn’t the same if dad tries to cook it b/c it is not the same as how mom makes it smooth and creamy…lol. Love your blog Dave!! So glad to have you back in my world!!!

    • Thanks Renee,
      It is amazing the stuff that sticks (no pun intended) with your kids. As parents we don’t give them enough credit but sooner or later the little things (like Cream of Wheat) reappear in your life, through your children. It’s strangely gratifying, isn’t it?

      • Yes indeed! It is strangely gratifying when he eat anything that I make. He will drink some tea that my husband makes but when I make it forget about it! Kids eyeball every move you make when it comes to preparing their dishes whether it be drinks or meals. When a child says “Stop your doing it wrong, dad does it this way.” It becomes more of the reply back to them, “Then why don’t you start making it on your own, then it will be the way you want it!” Then you put your foot in your mouth b/c you know he will add ten times the sugar amount and you got a wound up kid hyped out for the entire day bouncing off the walls…lol

  2. hi Dave…though im not a cream of wheat guy I do love old fashioned oatmeal cooked ’til it’s gooey…I will put anything on it but milk n’ sugar….peanut butter….jam…peanut butter/jam….honey….maple syrup….butter w/salt n’ pepper…cheese(real cheddar)…parmesan….louisiana hotsauce…steak…chicken…apples n’ cinnamon…bananas….olives…lol….mm-mmmmmm….thank-you Dave…glad to see you’re out here

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