The Frugal Frau

How now smart Frau?

How now smart Frau?

This week’s tip from The Frugal Frau comes from within the mysterious void that separates men from women.

And the subject is panty shields. This is a topic about which men know nothing. Nor should we. Everything a man knows about panty shields he has undoubtedly learned from television commercials. Panty shields are apparently similar to doves in a magic act. You open the box, they fly out and the only way to ground them is to douse them with some sort of fluorescent blue fluid that closely resembles engine coolant.

Here’s the tip. If the regular shield is too long and tends to bunch up (wait a minute!)… simply buy the long version and cut them all in half.  Now you have twice as many. This is a matter of personal comfort, I guess.



By the way, I once had a woman tell me that instead of the commercial product, which she considered to be environmentally unfriendly, she used sterilized moss. Now that’s frugal!  I’m guessing she’s still on her first bale.

(Please consult a doctor before visiting a garden centre. The Frau is not here to dispense health advice.)

Until we post again remember what the Frugal Frau always says : Seid nett zueinander !.  (Be nice to each other.)


6 Responses to “The Frugal Frau”

  1. Louise Peterson Says:

    this is something someone used to do, who was very frugal. If one leg of her pany hose got a run or hole, she would cut that leg off. Save the top and one leg until the same thing happend to a second pair, then she would wear the two tops which each had one good leg.
    Do you do that too?
    I wonder how the person at the garden centre will look when you ask for the moss “You know the kind that is good for making panty liners”.
    Tell him the frugal frau sent you.

  2. Moss?


    no comment.

  3. I can just picture it , wife to husband, hon, could you climb up on the roof for some moss, its that time again.

  4. Mike Hutchison Says:

    I mentioned the moss thing to my wife, she didn’t lichen the sound of it…

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