Breakfast Blogavision


Dave and Simi

Dave and Simi


Or, if you prefer……



Simi and Dave

Simi and Dave


I had a bite of breakfast this morning with my terrific friend and fellow broadcaster Simi Sara. For those of you not aware, the two of us co-hosted a morning television show in Vancouver for three years.

Then..we didn’t. Please see my earlier post entitled ‘The Devil on Your Shoulder‘ for more engrossing detail.

Simi and I correspond at least once a week and you should know that when we manage a face to face encounter the personal electricity is still palpable.

Simi: How’s your egg?

Dave: Not bad. Yours?

Simi: Good. I like the way it gushes from the middle of the bagel.

Dave: Mmmmph.

Folks, you simply cannot fake that kind of chemistry.

(photo courtesy People Magazine)



16 Responses to “Breakfast Blogavision”

  1. Hi Dave:
    It was so great to meet you finally last friday (after feeling I new you all these years). I love your blog and I ended up reading it twice it was so enjoyable.

    Bob Herger

    • Thank you Bob.
      Bob Herger is a very talented Vancouver area photographer whose latest work can be seen in the new book Vancouver: Living the Moment to which there is a link on the blogroll.

  2. Dave, I’m addicted to your writings! Man, a few posts a day! I wish you’ll write everyday

  3. Dave-O, i thought you said you’d Photo Shop my nose? You know I hate the profile shot.

  4. I love you guys, you made me laugh every morning. THANK YOU

    P.S. Would love to see you work together again, any chance that is going to happen?

  5. David Kincaid Says:

    When I first read the dialogue between you and Simi I thought it said
    “How’s your ego”
    “Not bad. How’s yours?”
    It was when Simi started talking about her ego gushing out of her bagel that I realized I had misread.
    Stupid blue writing on a black background.

  6. Hey Dave,

    Even though I am sure you have heard this said a million times I just want you to know how much you and Simi are missed. You made my mornings and I always had a good laugh watching you two. I’m still angry that you are no longer on BT and think the powers that be had their heads up their butts when they made the decision to replace you both.

    I wish you success and happiness in all your future endeavors and hope to see you back on TV real soon

  7. Jocelyn Laidlaw Says:


    No photoshopping required…you look fab! The smile is as dazzling as ever.

  8. Suzanne Barton Says:

    Dave, please let Simi know I’m so sorry to hear about TALK 1410. She was GREAT and I had emailed the station a number of times letting them know … I’ll miss hearing you two yet again.

  9. How can we find out when the two of you will be back on TV or any media?
    Greatly missed

  10. Dave,
    As I’ve said many times ,you guys were and still are a fantastic team. Was thrilled to see you guys and Tasha ! on mycommunity@telus in Edmonton on a recent visit. Brought back lots of memories. Simi was fantastic as guesthost on Global Weekend this morning, hopefully we’ll get to see more.
    Have you ever written a book Dave? A compliation of your stories would be a fun read.

    • I did write more than a dozen chapters of a prospective book a little more than a year ago when I was trying to get through the winter with nothing but time on my hands.
      I showed it to one publisher who told me that it didn’t quite feel like a book. It felt like a series of random remembrances. Some of that material has been put onto this blog.

  11. If you are ever so inclined to attempt another book in the future, go for it Dave ! I’d get a copy, meanwhile I will enjoy your writings here.

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